Monday, May 31, 2010

It's going to be a GREAT week.

I got a nice morning run in today. I had to smile because I was heading down the end of our street with the stroller and my hubby was in our car driving off to work. I love the fact that he got to see us off on our run. He also said something really nice to me yesterday. I had planned to run but couldn't because I forgot I had to help him put the bird cages back together when he got home from his dad's place. So once we were done that I had to feed the baby and then I ate dinner and then there were Sunday night chores to do, like get the garbage and recycling to the curb, etc... so I told him I wouldn't be running. He told me that's fine because he knows that a day off won't make me quit running. And it's so true. I couldn't run last night so I set up all my stuff so I could run this morning and I did!! This morning's run also had me hit my May running goal. Woot!

So I've thought about my June goals and they are as follows:
  1. Drop 5 lbs
  2. Run for 1500 minutes
  3. Go kickboxing 4 times
  4. Run my 10.6km route in less than 1:20
  5. Run my 10km race in less than 1:20

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