Thursday, May 6, 2010

What is wrong with me?

So I've noticed for the last few months that I seem to have a real issue with my goals I set for myself. Now it isn't what you might think (especially since I didn't hit my time goal for April). I must have an issue with failure since I just keep aiming so low and sometimes crushing the goals. I wanted to hit 1000 minutes and I'm already over 200 and I wanted to get my 5km under 40 minutes and today I ran 5.2km in 39:11 or 37:40 for 5km. I ran on my treadmill yesterday and hit 5km at 37:11 so running with just me and my pup today outside was truly a record. But what does that say about my belief in myself when I hit my May goal on May 6th? I mean I understand that you can't hit all your goals since they are something you are striving for, and I don't get upset if I can't hit a goal. I guess I just don't like failing, otherwise why would I set my goal so low? I don't know.

Don't get me wrong, I'm thrilled that I hit my May goal and more so that I just managed to run 5km in under 40 minutes but part of me is wondering why I sell myself short. I'm proud of myself, even conceded at times, but I seem to be selling myself a bit short as of late and I'm not sure why. Well here's hoping that my June goals are a bit more of a challenge and that I work hard and kick butt for my June 10k.

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  1. It's only May 6th - you can still set another May goal for yourself -?- Why wait until June?