Friday, June 25, 2010

Countdown to 1000km!

Alright! I'm super excited! I have now run 975.11km which means I'm less than 25km away from breaking the 1000 mark! This is so CRAZY! I'm hopeful that I will hit it by Monday, but at the lastest I want to hit it before July 1st and have earned my new Garmin watch! My hubby decided that I didn't need to pay for it, mostly because he wants to use it too. So now I'm waiting until I break into the four digits to buy my new running shoes. The ones I'm using having probably got between 600 and 700km on them. The crazy thing is that's probably more than my four year old ones I replaced with my Saucony in February.

So this is my big thing this weekend. I really want to try to run the missing 24.9km in the next three days. I can do that right? I will be alone with the baby tomorrow, but Steve doesn't leave until 10:30am so he's letting me run in the am. I already have my breakfast made up and in the fridge so I can eat while I nurse Lillian and then take off with the pup. The hard thing is that Sunday I have a family picnic with my hubby's family and we'll be gone from noon until really late. But I have been saying that I miss running outside with Lillian and so am trying to switch up our routine so I run outside with her during her morning nap, which typically starts around 8:30am and goes for 1-2 hours. So wish me luck with my morning runs and hopefully I'll be able to make them a habit and keep at it until this summer heat disappears.

Oh yah! I almost forgot. I was down 1.2 lbs this week, so I'm slowly making my way toward my magic number. Now only 12.4lbs until my goal, though I may adjust it from there. If I hit that goal, I may aim for 2 extra pounds, since that would put me at 50lbs lost.

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