Friday, June 11, 2010

Feel like a Lazy butt.

Okay I think the title says it all. I feel like a lazy butt today. I'm really sore and tired and my husband is concerned that I'm overtraining so he told me to take yesterday off, which I did. Today I had my weigh in and I only lost 1lbs which, as irrational as it sounds, I blame on the fact that I didn't run on Thursday. Lillian has been teething so she's been a challenge, but yesterday and today she's been princess nappy, meaning she's napping all the time. I took advantage of that today and ran 5k on our treadmill since her naps didn't work out for when I wanted to run. Then when Steve got home he noticed she's actually got her first tooth. Bottom, left has broken through the gum line and is now a white bumpy line on her gums. Very cute, but beside the point. I had planned to run a 10k run today but only did 5. My husband is concerned I'm so tired from overtraining and so he thinks I should take it easy for the rest of tonight, but I feel like a total lazy butt. So now it's 9pm and I'm feeling like a total lazy butt and wishing I weren't so sore so that I could run. C'est la vie! Tomorrow is a new day and hopefully I'll get to run 10k.

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