Wednesday, June 9, 2010

I'm gonna hurt tomorrow.

So I got to my second kickboxing class tonight. Yippy! I'm especially proud since my little one wasn't having a very good day today. She was really sleepy and napped for twice the normal time but when she wasn't napping she was really cranky. Teething isn't so much fun, but the napping let me do a lot of things today so that was good. Though fussy baby makes for a long day so when I was at kickboxing today I worked really hard, even on the squat kicks which usually I hate. I was sweating so bad by the end of it that I almost fell over during the cool down because my arms were so sweaty.

So when I got back home I really enjoyed my after workout snack, a nice piece of fresh bread with some nutella on it. Mmmmmm! Okay I have to go clean up my baby's toys and get ready for bed. Hope you're all kicking butt in your own workout journeys.

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