Saturday, June 5, 2010

Lillian with her great-grandpa.
When will this heat finally break? We keep getting rain but it doesn't do anything to make the humidity go away. I've seriously had enough of it. I don't like having to wait until 9:20pm to go run on my treadmill because it's so hot during the day. I much prefer running outside with Lillian in the stroller. Part of me worries that when my kids are big I won't be able to run anymore because I'll be so used to having a stroller, though I must say I really enjoy my solo runs. With all the practice I get in with Lillian when I go without her I often break a time record.
Lillian with her great-grandma.

I'm really glad this week is over. It's been a bit of an emotional one for me and I don't really know why. My husband was gone a day and out one night and I just felt super lonely and like there was always stuff to do around the house no matter how many hours I spent doing things. I have also been hungrier than normal and a bit cranky. Being cranky is nothing new for me but this week it was a bit of an extreme. So today my wonderful husband took care of our baby all day and let me do things I wanted and needed to do, like update Lillian's scrapbook (I was stuck at Christmas) and weedwack the lawn (my favourite outside chore). Hopefully tomorrow I'll be able to put up the wall mounted baby gate (hurray for playing with my drill) and get a nice long run in, providing that it's not too hot.

Oh look I think it's starting to rain now. Hopefully the heat will go away this time for a few days.

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  1. It's funny and super cute that your favourite outside chore is weed-whacking. It's great that we both have chores that we don't mind doing. I like to pull dandelions using the puller tool.