Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Looking forward to a hill run.

So I had a pretty cool weekend and now am looking forward to my hill run with my friend Cecilia tomorrow. I ran on both Saturday and Sunday plus a small treadmill run yesterday (so no more thinking that I'm a lazy butt). I'm not feeling so tired either so that's a good thing. I'm a bit sad that I won't go to kickboxing this week, but for my 10k that I'm running this weekend that's probably a good thing since I think two kickboxing classes and 4 runs is what made me so tired last week. I'm hopeful that I will finish my race in 80 minutes or less. That's my goal but we'll see how it goes. I won't cry if I don't hit my goal, but I would be really proud. My Saturday run was great, then my Sunday one was VERY slow, and then my treadmill run yesterday was my fastest run EVER! My speed per km was 7:06! My old fastest was 7:15 per kilometre. I am feeling pretty proud of myself. So now I should try to take my runs a bit easy the rest of the week to save up my power for Sunday.

My race plan this week is as follows.
Monday - ran 6.4km
Tuesday - run 5-7km
Wednesday - run 14km (hill training) but take it easy
Thursday or Friday - run 6-10km once or 5k each day but easy run(s)
Saturday - take the day off
Sunday - run my 10k race.

I'm really excited today because I picked up my Garmin watch yesterday and really want to get out on a run so I can try it out. Also, Lillian had her first tooth break through the gums on the weekend so my little baby now has her first tooth. Bottom left is the one that made it out first. She's had a bit of a fever for the last few days but now she's doing much better and seems to be a lot happier. Enjoy the photo of the cutie with her new little white tooth.

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