Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Nothing Exciting.

Nothing too exciting to report. It rained today so I didn't run. My foot is hurting so I couldn't go to kick boxing. My baby is teething so I had to carry her around for most of the day but I love her anyway and I'm having a hungry day where I want to eat everything in site. I hope it doesn't come back to bite me on my weigh in on Friday, but I'm not going to worry about that today. I have stayed the same two weeks since January and the rest have been losses so if I do go up this week because of the hungrys I'll live. Life's too short to get stressed over things like that. So here's a cute photo of my monkey and tomorrow I start training for my October hill run with a friend. I'll let you know how our mini run (13km instead of the 15km the route is) goes and how brutal the hills really are, and NO we will not be running by the crazy pheasant tomorrow.


  1. Alice you can run in the rain! I did it for the first time today, it was actually pretty invigorating! Just make sure to leave a towel and laundry basket by the front door.

  2. You're right fancypansy! I've run in the rain before too! Rain, Hail, Snow, I've done it all! :) Frankly I prefer to run in the rain rather than heat! But when I run during the day I have to take my daughter and I have a limit of how hard it can rain to take her out, which is mostly because we run on dirt roads and her stroller sinks into the mud!