Monday, June 21, 2010

Nothing Really New.

I think my title says it all. Nothing really new to report. I spent the day resting up after my record smashing run yesterday and visiting with my mother and stepfather who came up to take care of Lillian while we ran. We've been having a blast. Tonight my husband and I took them out to dinner at the Mandarin to celebrate both Father's Day and my stepfather retiring. We had a wonderful time and it was totally worth me saving up most of my weekly flex points in order to eat what I wanted. I still made really healthy choices while there but greasy food gives me a stomach ache now so it was a no brainer. So at the end of tracking it I used up my weekly points but that is what they are there for, and let's just hope I manage to flush the salt out of my body before Friday's weight in and survive my office picnic on Wednesday.

The website for my race hasn't posted any official times or photos yet but I'll be sure to link to it when it does! Have a great night everyone.

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