Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Princess Cranky Trousers.

So Princess Cranky Trousers is the nickname we gave Lillian on a rare cranky occasion. Somehow calling it cranky trousers was so much more dignified than cranky pants and it has stuck and still makes me laugh. Well tonight I was the cranky person, which is odd since I had a good day. My department has an annual picnic in a local park and that was today. Everyone loved the muffins/cupcakes I made and all the food was amazing. I got to see people I haven't seen since I left on maternity leave and everyone loved Lillian so it was really nice and we had an absolute blast. Yet that didn't stop me from being a major cranky trousers when we got home. So for a change instead of yelling at the dog or stomping around all peeved for the rest of the night I decided to channel it into something more productive. I ran on the treadmill. Not only did I run on the treadmill but I kicked its ass.

Now you may be wondering how exactly one kicks a treadmill's ass, considering they don't technically have an ass per say. Well you ramp is up higher than you have ever gone on it, and then you stomp while running at said really high speed. Yup I showed the ol' LifeFitness a thing or two tonight, and ran at 7 miles/hr for over 3 minutes, and with that CRUSHED my old fastest time. Tonight I ran an average of 6:48 per mile. My old best, was last week and was 7:05, so it must be repeated. CRUSHED IT! So take that you stupid Waterloo Classic with your stupid race placing me second last in your stupid weird age category. No I'm not bitter at all (insert sarcasm here). Tomorrow will be a new and better day. I have a baby play-date and providing that Toronto traffic doesn't make me cry (again) it really will be a better day.

Now because she's super cute and always makes me smile, here is baby Lillian. Top: Doesn't want to share her toy with Daddy. Below: First photo she's trying to escape the chair, and next one she's playing with Oma.

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