Sunday, June 20, 2010

Ran my first 10k!

So the race is over and I did it! I ran the race in 1:12:21 which means I did it in less than 1:20 and hit my goal! Hurray. I am tired and have a bit of a headache (heat doesn't agree with me) but I feel like a million bucks! Now I have lots of time to train for my 15km hill run at the end of October and maybe sneak a 5 or 10k run in before then. Hope you're all doing great and thanks to everyone for believing in me. I'll write a longer blog tonight or tomorrow, once the photos and chip results are posted, with more details of the day and the run.


  1. Wow Alice -that is so amazing! You're so inspirational! I hope to start with a 5k soon... I read your blog often for tips on how I will ever got there!

    Way to go!