Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Stupid numbers!

Okay, so I WAS feeling all awesome about my wicked run on Sunday since I kicked the time I wanted to beats butt (finishing in 1:12 and I wanted under 1:20) but now the results are up on line and I am totally bummed! Waterloo Classic 10k Results Now I knew I was near the back of the pack, and I was ranked 511/546 but what hurt was being 37/38 in the women aged 25-29 category. That made me sad because the one woman I beat was only like 5 minutes behind me. I feel sad now because I think that I am doing so well on this journey to health and this bums me out. I'm thrilled that my mom was at the finish line and that Steve did the race with me but I feel discouraged and really sad about doing so poorly versus everyone else.

My friend Cecilia (the one I do all the hill runs with) has a few really insightful things to say about this. She reminds me I am beating every person who doesn't run and that the only person I'm really competing against is me. I have also learned that I am a much better distance runner than speed runner. My husband has the long legs and large chest (which means good lungs) to be able to be speed runner. I have short legs, but can run a pace forever which gives me the ability to go long distances. But despite the fact that I am rocking the running a lot and becoming a much healthier person, I'm still really bummed about being second last. Stupid numbers!


  1. Your friend is right, you are doing more than what 99% of other people. Be PROUD of what you have accomplished because 1. you don't know they're story 2. they don't know yours. And a 1/2 marathon...how many crazy people take that challenge with a 6mth old? Don't beat yourself up, you beat the time you had your goal set on and by a few minutes.

    Now I don't like being last either but I really run against myself, to be faster than I was before. I understand the competativeness, but don't be so hard on yourself you are doing fantastic!

  2. HUGS! You are doing amazing, try to not look at the other people....this is all about you and where you have come from to where you are headed!
    You are an inspiration to me!!!