Sunday, July 18, 2010

Feeling down today.

So there was no run today. That seriously depresses me. I have a good reason considering that I had a bad stomach ache and my hubby "put his foot down" and said there was to be no running. Usually I don't listen to him but tonight I figured I should. My stomach has been bothering me for a few days now and I'm also feeling a bit dizzy and nauseous. Lucky for me I am going to my family doctor tomorrow for a check up for the monkey so I will ask him if he can check my iron levels for me. All this running has been really draining lately and I think I may be low on red blood cells. Maybe I'll get lucky and he'll order me to eat steaks at least twice a week. A friend got that so that would be cool. Burgers and steak oh my.

I'm still on par for my running plans as of today but my week is going to be pretty busy and that worries me that I may lose the extra 6km I'm ahead, especially if my tummy ache hangs around. I am also hoping to go back to kickboxing but I may wait until I talk to my doctor tomorrow to know for sure. I love to run and now I feel so sad that I had to miss it. I feel like a failure sometimes and today is one of them. I woke up seriously cranky and everything seemed to go wrong and to top it off I couldn't get my happy little endorphins. I miss my happy endorphins. They make me feel better and not be such a cranky bitch. So now I feel majorly bummed and couldn't run and am not happy about it. Boo-erns!

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  1. hang in there, doll, you'll get back on it... at least you still WANT to run, but cna't because of complications.

    I'm back after a 3 month hiatus - I know, my bad, what was I thinking taking three months off? Well the scale give me sh!t this morning when I stepped on it... he yelled at me.

    Anyway, can't wait to get back into reading your blog :)

    Previously Plump... in progress.