Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Got my run on and my blood taken.

So yup I managed to get to the clinic today and had my blood work taken. So that's one thing down for the week. I have a whole bunch of stuff to do this week including clean all our bathrooms, set up my guest room for my friend who's coming this weekend (my baby's Godmother to be exact), finish baby proofing my house, and fix a few things around here. I love my running but sometimes I feel that if I didn't run I'd get a lot more stuff done around here, but in the end I know that I'll be much happier to be healthy and fit, but I wish I could do a lot more around the house.

So I'm feeling bummed today because my girlfriends won't get off their butts and decide if they want to do a weekend race or if they do which one they want to run. I am a planner, and I need to know things in advance, and needless to say they are NOT. But my sweet hubby is being really great and is willing to go with me to a race in Owen Sound so I will get to do my half-marathon. I love this since I have been training for another half-marathon and I would be very disappointed if I couldn't do one. I'm working so hard that not doing it would bum me out, especially since I was so sick for the first one.

So on the weekend we're going to a BBQ at my friend's house and hopefully they'll have figured out the weekend they want to run. But either way I plan to have a lot of fun this weekend since I get to go to a BBQ and my hubby and little one are going to visit his family so I'll have a day to catch up on the cleaning and such. Woot!! Sad that a free day gets me excited to clean.


  1. We have a mandatory personal day off each month - I always use mine to do laundry and get caught up at home. Sad!

  2. I'm always excited to clean my house without children, its so much easier. Have a great weekend!