Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Knee is good, but tummy is not.

Okay so the title says it all, my knee which was really bugging me for a while in May is now totally fine. I figured out it was my dog. I had been keeping her leash around my waist and when I stopped doing that and held it (which I've been doing for six weeks now) the pain went away. My tummy is still bugging me though. Anyone out there know the symptoms of over training or low iron, because I am waiting for the blood work and want to figure out what has me in this funk.

I still managed to run today though being as tired as I was I totally procrastinated and ended up only being able to run 4.5km but it included the dreaded horror hill so that was fine with me. It was actually a nice little run and is now the 2nd fastest run I've ever done. That's crazy considering it had the huge hill. The only run that was faster was on the treadmill so this one is technically my fastest outside run EVER! Woot! Love seeing the 6:50 pace on my screen. At least I got to take my pooch for a run. I'm feeling bad lately because she's a major sucky baby and I thought when Lillian was born she'd calm down and be happy to have me around all day but instead she's always trying to get to the baby (92lbs dog cuddling my kid - I think not!) or whining that I'm not with her. Seriously if I'm two metres away playing with Lillian she's dropping her toys beside the coffee table trying to get me to play with her. I know about sibling rivalry but I wasn't expecting it from the dog. Oh well, I can't give her away because I love her and Lillian and her are best buds already but I feel bad that she still needs so much attention and I just don't have the time to give everyone all the attention they want. Some days I don't even talk to my husband that's how busy we are. Oh well, c'est la vie. At least I'm getting fit and healthy so I'll have extra years to talk to him. :)


  1. It is hard to get everything in the time we have, this I am learning too this week! Something always has to give. For me it has been my longer workouts.
    Good luck with the balancing. Take care of your self!!!

  2. I hope you figure out your stomach problems :(

    I don't have kids yet, but I've thought about that with my dog as well - she loves attention, and I'm worried that she's going to feel neglected once PJ and I have kids :(