Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Morning runs are not so bad.

So here it is a scorcher this week. We are talking mid-30's with humid-ex making it low-40's. So this week means that I have to run in the morning if I have any intention of running at all. Even when I run in the morning the temperature is still hot and humid, but I still managed to run on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday am and I'm pretty proud of myself. I managed to run outside on Sunday but today and yesterday it was inside on my treadmill. But I figure even if I'm running on the treadmill I'm still running.

I had a bit of a disappointing weigh in on Friday losing only 0.2lbs but I am working extra hard this week at tracking every lick, bite and taste. I'm also working extra hard at running more. Last week I managed to his 55km, most of which was Friday-Sunday. I haven't run that much since in one week since March so that may be part of why I haven't been losing as much the last little while as I was earlier this year. So I'm pretty excited about this week and and really looking forward to Friday's weigh in.

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