Friday, July 30, 2010

My life is forever altered.

So today something happened that will forever change my life. Something that will consume me with worry almost every waking moment of my life from not until I die and there is nothing that I can do about it! Today my baby girl started to crawl and is off to explore the world whether or not I am ready! She took her first little steps in order to sit on my Mac and try to catch the pretty spinning circles on my iTunes. Then once downstairs crawled right under the coffee table into the dog territory. Our dog is as friendly as a kitten, but weighs 91lbs and as such is a knocking baby over/sitting on her risk which is why they are separated. I now had to rearrange my living room to try and keep them apart a little longer. In all honesty I'm both excited and terrified that she's mobile. I really have to keep room door closed and gates locked now but she's getting big and can start to explore the world how she wants to (for better or worse) and that is cool.

We're almost at the end of July which means my goals are almost over. The 4 non-running workouts won't happen again. I find it so hard to try to do anything other than run, mostly because it means I can't run that day, but also being away for 7 days and sick for 2 really didn't help. I hit the weight loss part, and will hit the kms run (fingers crossed) if I can manage to get another 7.6km in between today and tomorrow. That should be manageable though I am really full of pasta right now.

On another cool note I went out with my mom and Lillian yesterday and we stopped at value village (because we're environmental and love to reuse things) to look for some new clothes for me. I spent about 2.5 hours shopping! I have never been able to buy things there because when you are short (5' 4") and chubby, nothing fits right but now I can! I had everything from a 10-18 in my closet and my size 10 stuff is finally all that I can wear somewhat decently. I even have only L-XL shirts and now wear an M so I have been in desperate need of new clothes for a while now. I made out like a bandit! For only $90 I walked out with 2 belts, 7 short sleeve/sleeveless shirts, 2 dressy pants, 1 pair dressy capris and a knitted shirt thing to put over tank tops and make them work appropriate. Every shirt was a medium and the pants were all a size 8. Yes you read that right, I went from a size 16 to a FREAKIN 8! I couldn't believe it. I grabbed a bunch of size 10 and a few size 12 items and NONE of them fit because they were huge. So I had to go back for the size 8 and they fit just right. I know in the 10lbs I have left to go they may be a bit lose but for work that's okay since I would rather have a bit of room than too tight. Plus I need to go back in September to get winter pants, ie thicker pants like cords for when I walk to the bus in the snow. I will also need long sleeved work shirts, a few blouses, a few sweaters, and new jackets, but this is really a nice start. Once I got home I took all my size 12/13 out of the closet and reorganized. The hardest thing was pulling out my XL shirts. Some of these have been with me since I got my first post graduation job and that was hard, but I stopped fretting and just looked at the tags. If it said XL I pulled it out of the closet and tossed it in the pile without even looking at it! Very theraputic! I don't plan to toss them, I know you're supposed to, as I know I want to have another baby and none of my maternity clothes are going to fit me because they are all XL and I'm not anymore, so at least my larger sizes can keep me from having to buy a whole new maternity waredrobe one day.

So that is my exciting story of new clothes. Expect to see some photos in the near future as we have a busy weekend of family activities planned and I can wear my new digs and get the hubby to take some awesome new shots!


  1. Awesome!

    Instead of throwing them away, why don't you pack them up and store them at someone else's house, like your mom's? That way, they're still there, but not in your house so you won't be tempted to fall back on the safety of what I call my 'lazy pants'.

  2. New adventures with little Miss Lilly!! Fun!!!

    Congratulations on the new clothes and the great new size, you are doing so awesome! I love VV too but we live 2 hours away from!

  3. Way to go!! That is amazing, you must feel so wonderful to be this size. I only threw out my not so nice larger sizes and kept all of mine, just in case.

    I had a friend who lost 160lbs when she was 20 and had her first baby at 32 (she gained maybe 70lbs). She tossed all her large clothes and regretted not having 1. anything nice to wear post-partum 2. not having money to spend on new clothes post-partum. She needed working clothes because she returned to work when her daughter was 4mths. In the end, keeping them is a good idea especially if you plan on another baby.

  4. wow congrats on so many levels.It is scary and exciting when babies start to move!
    That is awesome about the size 8 too! I have been following your blog for months now and am very inspired by your motivation!