Thursday, July 1, 2010

More race plans.

Hope all you Canadians out there had a wonderful Canada day! I did, even if I'm not Canadian! Though my baby girl and hubby both are proud canucks and I'm as close as you can get without actually being one, having moved here when I was 2 years old, but we spent a nice peaceful day at home together. I had to laugh since the last very Canadian holiday, Victoria day, I spent in the garden, and bet you can't guess what I did for three hours today. :) Yup we now have our grass patched, our veggie garden weeded, one bush dug up and another bush transplanted. Now our raspberries have lots more room to grown next year. My husband really likes raspberries and we both disliked how large our pussywillow bush was getting, so out it came and now the lilac is in it's place.

So I think I'm going to run another half-marathon in either August or September. My girlfriends who also like running were thinking we should do a girls' weekend before I go back to work and head to another town, stay in a hotel, run a half marathon on Saturday morning and go out Saturday night. Sounds kinda funny but I love the idea. We're going to start playing with race ideas. Anyone know of a good half in Onatrio that has a 5 or 10k with it? My one friend just started running a month ago and doesn't feel up to the full half so she's thinking 5k if it's in August, and maybe a 10k if it's in Septmeber. For me this means I have to keep up my 21km running ability while working on my 15km hill route. But I figured out if I run to the start of the route, that adds another 3km to it, and with my garmin I can just run down a side road for 3km to make it a full 21 so I should be okay. I'll post more details when I figure them out, though if I do this I won't be running the Laurier Loop listed on the side, but I figure trading a 5k for a 21k is just fine and dandy!

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