Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Points, Goals, Vents and then some!

Okay, so the answer for the Guess the Points on Monday, was 10. Details are bellow.
1/2 English muffin (1), 110g extra lean ground beef with 20g onion and seasoning mixed in - I used garlic, chipotle, paprika, salt & pepper (6), 1 oz part skim mozzarella (2), 1 cup asparagus (0), 1 cup zucchini (0), 1/3 whole red, yellow and green pepper (0), 1/3 cup mushrooms (0), serving of the packaged Swiss Chalet dipping sauce (1). I sauted the mushrooms and added the gravy to it! For the veggies we have a great olive oil sprayer so I just mist them enough for the garlic to stick and then throw them on the BBQ. Asparagus was steamed and plain. It was super yummy!

So I'm feeling pretty good about my July goals. I'm going to be away for most of next week taking my baby to see her oma & grandpa as well as opa & grandma (my folks are divorced so my parents are oma/opa and grandma/pa are the step-parents). That means I won't be able to run as much since I won't have access to our super fabulous treadmill (so sad) so I am trying to get a bit ahead this week. So far I should be at 42 km run but I'm actually at 52.7 so that rocks! Tomorrow I'm planning a super long run so that I can get more ahead and same thing on Saturday so if I can get at least 12km one day and 15km another I'll be a nice 25km ahead, which translates to four days where I don't have to run at all. Lucky me! Tonight I also went to my kickboxing class which gives me 1/4 non-running workouts. Tonight's class was my last one so I talked to Steve and I'm going to sign up for another three months when I get back from my folks. I'm not having that much fun yet, but it's mostly because I'm so out of practice I feel bad for the people who get partnered with me since they don't end up working as hard at they should. Maybe I'll do some Taebo before I go back to practice my moves.

Lastly a little vent! I'm super excited about doing a marathon with my girlfriends in August/September but neither of them will get off their butts and pick a bloody race. I like to plan things well in advance and they are procrastinators and I am going nuts trying to get them to pick one. I train based on how much time I have left before the race and not knowing is driving me nuts. Also, signing up for a race earlier is CHEAPER but they don't seem to get that either! So grrrrrrrrrrrrr! Thank you for listening, and that reminds me I need to sign up for my October Hill run some time in August!

Below are photos of the veggies that I use to make food for Lillian. I was pretty impressed by how many jars of baby food I got out of the pile of raw veggies!

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  1. I think Lillian would be happier if all the containers were full of Cheerios! And some mango.