Tuesday, August 31, 2010

August Summary.

So here is the end of August summary!! Woot woot!

I have managed to run 216.4km this month in 27 hours and 5 minutes, which is the MOST I've ever run! My old record was in March, where I hit 212km but it took me 4 hours and 3 minutes extra than this month which shows you just how much I've improved. This month it works out to an average of 6.98km each day or 52 minutes each day. So now I feel super proud having beat my highest number ever! I doubt I'll be beating it again any time soon since I'm running a half marathon in September and will have to do rest days before and after and all that fun stuff.

My weight loss this month wasn't as good as I had hoped but that's okay. I still managed to drop 2.4lbs and now only have 6.2lbs left to go which is great. It's so exciting I want to jump for joy and say stupid things like it's crazy awesome that I've rocked this. Okay so time for a more mature response now.

I feel really proud of this month, and even better I was telling my husband the other night that I had to go run because I needed to run an average of 7km to hit my goal and he couldn't believe how far I've come. He often laughs about how he never thought in a million years that he would have to force me to take days off of running or see me run 8km several nights in a row. 5km used to be a little standard run and now it's 8km. So when I only have an hour to run I can hit 8km typically where before it would take me almost 50 minutes just to get 5! Things have changed so much this past year it's hard to believe. I can't wait to see what comes in the rest of the year.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Kicking butt.

Lillian enjoying her day at the Gardens.
So giving the pup up today went better than I thought. Seeing those happy three little kids she was going home with made me feel at peace that she would be in good hands. They were really excited to play with her and she jumped right into the van and was ready to go. She's going for the week trial and if they are good with her and she likes them it will become her new home.  After she left we moved a few of the couches out a bit and she went crazy exploring the new found area.

Now I'm just shy of kicking my running goal's butt! I've ran 209.16km and my highest month ever was 212 so I'm so close to rocking it. Tomorrow I'm going to do it and feel amazing. So I will keep thinking about this to keep me going while I feel sad that my puppy had to go away.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

The good, the bad and the sad.

     Okay, so the good is I beat my 200km goal for this month. Yippy, and I'm well on my way to beating my previous highest monthly goal ever. Woot. We also had a nice time with my in-laws at the Hamilton Royal Botanical Garden on Saturday for my father-in-law's birthday. Lillian loved all the plants and was very well behaved which made me so happy. And she had a blast visiting her grandpa and great-grandma.
Lillian playing in her new Mega Blocks wagon.
     The bad, is I didn't hit my weight loss goal. But whatever, the last 10lbs are always the hardest and they are coming off just slowly. The fact that they are coming off is actually a good so that's nice. Only 6.2lbs left to get to my goal.
Lillian and I at the Rock Garden at the Royal Botanical Garden.
     And finally the sad. Tomorrow is the day that a family is coming to check out my pooch and while I know that is going to make her happy (eventually) and make things easier for me it really is bumming me out.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

A good week.

Lillian with her friend Emma.
So tonight I managed to run a lovely little 10km run. Tomorrow I plan to do 15km, but we'll see how that goes. I've almost finished my baby quilt for my friend which is pretty cool since I just started it a few days ago. Though now I got another quilt that I would rather give them so if I can finish the second one in time I'll let my friend pick. One is letters of the alphabet, and the other is pirates. Her baby is nicknamed the ninja baby so I think pirates would be super cute.

Everything here is going well and my eating have been great the last few days. I'm looking forward to my weigh in tomorrow and hope that I lose the cheese weight and then some more too. It's my father-in-laws birthday this weekend so we're going to the Royal Botanical Gardens and out for lunch to the mandarin. I love the mandarin and will make sure to behave myself. It's pretty easy when you have to feed a baby because you end up eating so very very slowly! Wait till tomorrow when I can post a wicked awesome loss (I hope).

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Day of rest and a big choice.

So after running for the last 6 days I declared today my day of rest and it felt great. I sat around lazily quilting and playing with my baby. It was a really great day. Tomorrow will be a nice run in the am during Lillian's morning nap and then kickboxing in the evening. I'm seriously looking forward to it. Kickboxing is a nice change of pace, though there were only 4 people in class on Monday so I hope that there are more tomorrow.

So now I have made another big decision. My two girlfriends who were going to run the September race with me have backed out. One of them can't go because her husband has to go to a stag party and she has to be home with the dog and baby. The other one hurt her back and doesn't know if she'll be able to complete the run. So now if I want to run the race I'll be doing it solo which kinda sucks but I think I may still do it. I've been training for weeks and feel that I am ready but still feel sad that I'll be doing it alone. My hubby offered to come with me the day of so him and my baby will be waiting for me at the finish line and that is what I should focus on. So here's to training for a great run in less than a month!

Monday, August 23, 2010


Okay so I peeked today at my scale, and guess what? Sarah was right and the cheese weight is GONE! Yippee! Plus a little extra weight went along to keep it company which is very nice. I also managed to run 5km today and go to kickboxing! Woot woot! Today was defiantly my day. I'm feeling really good, especially since my extra little weight is gone. It's nice to be getting back on track again. My other big thing is I am starting to work on my first baby quilt too which I haven't done since before my daughter came into my life so it's really relaxing and something that I love doing. I figured that if I only have a month and a week before I go back to the office I should try to make the most of my leftover time.

So here's to having a blast with my girlfriends and their perfect little babies, and enjoying my fun crafting and running my tushie off! All around it's been a really happy day.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Working on my Fitness.

It's been a while since I really posted so this will be a long one. If you aren't sitting down you may want to.

So yesterday I failed at trying to run. I just wasn't feeling it and after 2.25km I stopped and went to bed. It was just one of those days. Too much shopping with my mom apparently. Oh well life goes on. Today I managed a nice 10km run to make up for it. I'm on par to hit my monthly goal of beating my all time monthly high for km run. Right now I'm at 165.27km in 22 days (7.5km/day) and I needed to have run 151.2km (6.87km/day) to hit my goal of 213 which just beats my top number. So I'm already 14km ahead of my goal so I can just run 6.9km a day for the rest of the month each day and rock this no problem. Good thing I have to do an 18-21km run this week for my half-marathon so I know I can handle all this.

On the medical front I saw my doctor again and he said my hypothyroid is actually very common considering I just had a baby. For a lot of new moms the thyroid goes into hyper-drive when the baby is born and burns itself out after 3-4 months and then switches into a sort of sleep mode to compensate. Sadly, the hypothyroid (what I can have now) can last anywhere from 9-12 months! So we agreed to re-test me after Lillian's first level and if things are not getting better on their own by then we'll give them a little push.

I got some new running gear recently. I picked up my Fiona running bra (LOVE IT) in a smaller size, and a new pair of tank tops to go with my running clothes I got at Easter. They still had some leftover tops so my mom got me a small (OMFG) for running at home, and a medium to wear to kickboxing. The medium is the same colour as my pants, so I have a full purple set, but the small one is pink and I have black and blue pants but at home, who cares. I just needed them to fit right.

I am officially a shop-a-holic now. I went shopping AGAIN with my mom this weekend and picked up another pair of work pants, two long sleeved shirts and three short sleeved shirts for work, a pair of high heels, AND a pair of high heel BOOTS! I have never been able to buy boots because my calves were always too big and now they fit! I almost cried. Seriously, I was SO excited. I also got socks but they aren't exciting. I also realized that I need to buy some flats for home use because I only have one pair of cute flat slip ons and they are my work (I have to run up and down the stairs today) shoes so when I go back to work they will again, live under my desk and never leave the office. So I get to go do some more shoe shopping. My mother joked that after this weekend my husband will never let her come up again! Maybe he shouldn't go camping and leave me alone with our credit cards for a while, but I think it's all good.

I also picked up some crafting things because I want to quilt some pillows for Lillian's future big girl room and it will take me some time so I figured I should start now. I also got a baby quilt pattern for a good friend of mine who's expecting and I need to get my butt in gear and finish it before I go back to work, otherwise it will never get done. I've now got 39 days left on maternity leave and I'm feeling pretty sad about that but I know Steve is looking forward to being a stay about home dad for a few months, and I'm starting to plan when in 2011 we should start trying for baby number two so that gives me lots to look forward to when I'm at work.

Here is Lillian trying to eat the vegetables out of my garden. Silly baby don't chew on the hot pepper!
Hope you're all doing well! Sorry I've been a bit MIA lately. With the thyroid making me moody I choose not to write instead of ranting about everything and everyone, and then with having to find my dog a new home (she's still here but I've got several leads on good homes for her - more than I ever thought which is why it's taking so long) and then my mom visiting, and tomorrow I'm hosting a play date, it's a miracle I've even been able to run! So have a great night and don't worry I'll be writing more this week! Promise!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Scared for WI tomorrow.

I didn't weigh in today. Why? I forgot and part of me was probably a little scared. My mom is up and we're having an absolute blast. Thursday, we went out for lunch, had a late dinner, and chatted over a late night cheese and cracker plate with wine. So I am expecting the number to go up tomorrow. Wanna know a secret? My scale has not gone up in all of 2010, so I'm a bit bummed at the idea of it going up but it was so worth it. The memory of chatting with my mom will be around for a LONG time. Much longer than the weight from the cheese and wine, plus I don't really drink much and I love cheese and have missed it a lot lately so life will go on.

I also got some awesome new clothes today, again, and my new running bra is FINALLY at the store so I can pick it up tomorrow. So all around life it good. Will post about the WI tomorrow and hope everyone has a great night.

Results are in: 1.2lbs gain. :) So worth it!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

A Hard Choice.

So today I made a hard choice. I've decided to give my dog away. She's great and so loving but the problem is that my baby is crawling and my dog thinks Lillian is a puppy. When Lillian crawls up to Pica to play they are okay for the first minute, and then when Lillian wants to leave and go elsewhere Pica uses her paw to hold Lilly down and pull her back which causes Lilly to pull away harder and fall on her face. In the last 24 hours my baby has smacked her head THREE times.  I can't handle the stress and fear that comes up when these two play together and since they can't be separated all the time I have made the hard choice to give my dog to a family who has the time to give her the attention she deserves. I also know that the amount of time I have will only get less and less when I go back to work, and then my husband goes back in January. My best friend/Lillian's Godmother is looking to see if she can take her but if not I'll find her a nice home with kids to play with.

So right now I am a bit sad but know that the choice I've made is for the best.

Monday, August 16, 2010

I've got a feeling that this week's gonna be a good week!

Had my fun day with my girlfriend today and we had a BLAST! Lillian was great the whole time and just as we hit the restaurant for lunch she passed out so I got to eat a hot meal and have adult conversations while she slept. Once we got home she was wide awake and ready for her lunch. On top of that we had a blast window shopping, and a little bit of real shopping too, (hello new earings to go with my oversized new belt) and the weather was perfect. A little warm with a nice breeze so I got to rock one of my cute new outfits, feel like a million bucks and spend major quality time with my pal. I don't think I could ever ask for more.

But there is more! Oh yes there is more! My mother is coming to visit on Wednesday and my step-father on Saturday, while my hubby is going camping this weekend. That means I have a few days with my mother just us girls, and then a weekend to have fun with my parents and Lillian while Steve gets away from it all for a bit. I'm so excited. I'm already planning a lunch out with my mom on Thursday and Saturday and an adventure with my baby and all the running and cleaning I'm going to do! If you can't tell, today is NOT a moody day for me. OMG! It's going to be awesome! Seriously this week is going to feel like a vacation for me! You know you're a mom when you get excited about cleaning while someone else watches your baby! :)

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Slow and Steady does NOT win the race!

At least not in running. Today my husband and I hit the horror hill run to get him some training on the hill route and it SUCKED so bad. He has never run it before so I understand that we had to go a bit slow, I actually now know what my friend Cecilia must feel like when she runs with me. You enjoy the ease of the run without the pressure of having to boot it all the time. So anyway we did the route, it took the longest it ever has, but the weather was not friendly. We left at 9:15am to start and it was 94% humidity and already felt like 32 degrees out so that was not nice heat wise but the company more than made up for it.
Lillian looking evil at the wedding service.

Tomorrow I'm going to have a wonderful day with my best friend and my baby. We're going to St.Jacobs and stroll around the town and have a nice lunch together. We should have a lot of fun strolling around and looking through the stores, until Lillian has had enough. At least once she does, we only live about 10 minutes away so we'll be home fast.

I am also rocking this running thing this month. I am ahead by 8.56km already and feeling great. Tomorrow I'm hoping to have a 5km run to go with my kickboxing class.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Success and a much needed rest!

So I weighed in today and SUCCESS! I am 149.2lbs which means I am finally in the 140s and leaving me with 7.8lbs to go until my major goal. I can't believe how close I am to hitting my goal. My first goal was actually 145 (the random number I pulled out of my head that I remembered from high school - it was the weight I was before I got my hips and boobs), then I made my goal 144 (a total loss of 25% of my body weight) and then I made it 142 (having me lose 50 lbs which is a lot easier for people to visualize than 25% of me). So now I have 7.8lbs left to go and honestly it is crazy for me to realize how little I actually weigh. I had a baby shower at my office this week (the one I was hosting for a good friend who happens to work with me) and a lot of the faculty members who I haven't seen in a while were there and they were SHOCKED by how much weight I'd lost, including my supervisor who I've kept missing since February. She had a baby boy in September and we just kept missing each other. She was back to her skinny old self in no time but I think she's just built that way. It felt great having all my colleagues see me and have such nice things to say about me, and a lot of them are runners (or former runners) and I got some great tips for my hill training.

Lillian making her dad's favourite face and me copying her.
Today I had planned to do a nice run but after getting some blood work done (remember I had to get some more for my thyroid to see if it is fixing itself or if it's still messed up) I didn't know if it was a good idea. I saw signs everywhere at the lab saying No Exercise and No Heavy Lifting for 24 hours after you have blood taken. At first I laughed it off, but my legs are a bit hollow from kickboxing on Wednesday and Steve and I plan to do the hill run on the weekend together, and I have run for 5 days in a row so I figured a day of rest was called for. And so I let lose my crazy running lady (for one day) and played with my I don't want to nap baby (40 minutes total today instead of her usual 4 hours) and we shared a bowl of Haagen dasz. I love my Haagen Dasz and since my weight watchers points reset today I figured it was worth using some of them to enjoy a nice half cup of ice cream and it was SO worth it. Yum! :)

So my weekend is going to be full of cleaning, helping my best friend put up some art work, going for a long 2+ hour hill run with my hubby while said best friend baby sits my monkey and whatever else we feel like doing. I'm glad I decided to stay home this weekend instead of driving for hours to visit my folks. I really needed a nice quiet weekend.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Weight in.

I weigh in tomorrow and I am nervous. I've been dropping really slowly the last two weeks and I want to be in the 140's so badly! I'll let you know how it goes but here's hoping my 150.4lbs lets me FINALLY into the next decade.

Hope everyone is doing well. We have a meteor shower here tonight so the hubby and I laid in the grass and watched it. Very cool!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Horror Hill Run.

So I got my hill run training run in today and it was pretty brutal considering how hot it was outside when we did it and I feel like a million bucks. My legs are sore but I'm still looking forward to my kickboxing tomorrow evening anyway. Though I am a little bit nervous for the baby shower that I am throwing for my coworker at my office. We ordered a cake and I baked brownies and carrot cake. At least I know the nutritional information for the stuff I made but it's pretty yummy and bad for you so that worries me that I may overindulge and pay for it on Friday. Normally it's not such a big deal but since we had that wedding on Saturday I really don't have any wiggle run left this week. But I will have to pack a nice healthy lunch (since it's being held over the lunch hour) for both me and Lillian and try to avoid eating any of the snacks. Maybe if I bring a carrot cake muffin I can eat that and track it and not worry about getting the other stuff since I will have a treat like everyone else just not as high in calories.

So wish me luck and strength and I will let you all know how it goes tomorrow.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Silly feeling Off.

Okay so it's pretty crazy but I still feel pretty "off" and the biggest symptom is moodiness. My poor husband. I wasn't this moody when I was pregnant, or during my time of the month, or anything. It's crazy. I feel so bad because my temper snaps in like two minutes and the poor guy is always the prime target for my crankiness.  It makes me feel bad. I try really hard to control my temper but lately it keeps flaring up when I don't want it to. I wish I was calmer and more peaceful. Some days I feel like a horrible wife because I get cranky at my hubby and don't appreciate everything he does for me. He is such a wonderful and kind man and lately I am being such a major b#*@h. I have been trying to make it up to him by cooking for him and helping him keep his weight watchers on point. Maybe my thyroid will fix itself in the next while.

Us at my friend's wedding this weekend.
On a happier note my running is going really well. I keep pushing it and am super excited about my hill training run with my friend tomorrow. My half-marathon is still up in the air for September because one of my friend's back is bothering her and she doesn't know if she can do the 21km run in the morning. It takes her hours to loosen up enough that she can run. I've talked it over with Steve and I'm pretty sure that even if she can't do it (and I was wondering if my friends would actually bother to go through with it) we may still go and make a weekend out of it for the family. I really want to do this race to prove something to myself, since I was so sick when I ran the first race. I would just LOVE to have my mommy girlfriends run with me but I don't know if they will. My mom said that they probably don't take running as seriously as I do and since they have so much family in the surrounding areas they have more family obligations than I do which makes it harder. I understand that but we have family obligations too. I just take it very seriously and want to be healthy for my baby. She is my top priority and I keep reminding myself of that. I lose a lot of me time but it's worth it to know I'll be healthy for her in the long run.

The photo on the left is of the three of us at my good friend from universities wedding. It was this Saturday and we all looked pretty good I must say, and Lillian had a blast.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Running a lot.

So I'm still pretty tired but that didn't stop me from running today and I even made my husband take apart a monster bookshelf we have and move it 4 inches to the right. Now before you start thinking I'm completely crazy, our bookshelf is about 12 feet long at least and needed to be screwed into the wall to keep it from falling over onto Lillian which means the wood frame needed to line up with the studs. So that meant removing the 200 plus books in order to shift it all over. But after 10:30pm it was all done and now my baby girl can't hurt herself with the books.

So far I'm on par for my running this month. I should be at 56km so far and I'm just under 58 so that rocks. I also have my nice long hill run coming up on Tuesday and my mom is coming up for another visit tomorrow. So we'll have a nice busy week but that's okay. We have a nice social life and hopefully my thyroid levels will level off soon because these mood swings really suck!

Friday, August 6, 2010

My legs have ouchies.

So after kickboxing on Wednesday I am still a bit sore, but not enough to keep from running. I waited until my hubby came home and then I took the pooch out for a nice run. The next few weeks seem to be very busy for me. We have a wedding to go to tomorrow, then I'm throwing a baby shower next week for a coworker/friend, I have a running date scheduled for Tuesday, coffee with my girlfriend Thursday and then Friday I'm going to visit my folks for a week. So as you can see it's very busy but I will manage.

I'm very excited that I get to visit my folks again and that my runs are going so well. My energy level is starting to fix itself so that has really been helping my workouts. I end managed to get two new runs in my top five times in August alone.

So here's to another great month and good luck to you all!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Doctor Visit.

So my doctor is on vacation this week so I saw his sub, we are in a family group clinic where there are like 12 or 15 doctors so someone is always available even when your doctor isn't and I like that. The doctor was very nice and said that my thyroid is under active and the chemical in your brain that tells your thyroid to get off its butt and do its job is what is skyrocketing for me. Makes sense. So since I am starting to feel better (energy wise) they are holding off on drugs and sending me for more blood work next week. That will be one month after the first time. They will look more closely at the various horomones and chemicals involved with the thyroid and if things are still as high as they are now, my doctor will talk to me about options, but if they are heading back to normal we won't worry about it. The doctor also told me that I should remember this because when I get pregnant with baby number 2 this could come back and cause serious issues, so whenever they do pregnancy blood work from now on they will HAVE to check my thyroid just to be safe. I can live with that. So I am slowly on the mend and have an idea of what is up. Thank goodness!

I managed to drag my butt to kickboxing yesterday, FINALLY, and while I am starting to stiffen up I feel great. I kept having to miss it so finally going is awesome but I know I'm REALLY going to be feeling it tomorrow, ouchies, but most of that is in my core, chest and arms which don't get much of a workout when you're running on a treadmill. Tonight I'm hoping to get a nice 10k run in once my hubby gets home since the little lady didn't want to nap this afternoon. But that's okay she slept really well this morning during her nap and with the excitement of the doctor's office I'm not surprised she didn't want to sleep. And for super cuteness her is Lillian eating pasta.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Just a quick little update.

Okay, so I got a call from my doctor's office today and thank goodness they found something off in my test results. First time I'm actually happy about this! I apparently have an overactive thyroid. Not the end of the world, and I'm going to see the sub doctor on Thursday to discuss it, my doc is on vacation. So we'll see what he says but I looked it up and guess what herb you shouldn't be taking if you have a hyperactive thyroid? That's right my Fenugreek I've been on to help with nursing can increase the hormones in the thyroid which could be why they are double what they should be. So can bread, totally random, which I happen to eat a ton of since you need to for half-marathon training. But anyway they found something which means my feeling off wasn't in my head and the nurse said it's not serious and they are going to want to retest me again in a while because it could have just been a lab error too but I doubt it. So we'll see what the sub-doc says and at least I may have a solution for my "off" feelings.

Monday, August 2, 2010

More shopping.

New summer dress.
Okay so I am officially dangerous when it comes to shopping now a days. Me fitting into a size 8 means that I keep shopping. I'm a little bit obessed. I hadn't gone shopping since I bought some maternity clothes and now I've been shopping up a storm, meaning I've gone twice in one week. Crazy! But at least I have most of the clothes I'll need when I go back to work in another eight weeks. I'm only missing a warm winter jacket, a few sweaters for work, and some new undergraments and undershirts. I must say that is pretty exciting for me and the clothes I got today rocked!

New t-shirt for work.
New shirt and top.
I have to say that I have been having a hard time staying focused this weekend. My husband went away for one night and I had some serious munchies. I think part of it is being so tired lately that my brain is convincing me that I need to eat more to make up for it, but today I did really well, except for those spoons of haagen dazs I enjoyed (and still tracked) while avoiding my treadmill. I did eventually find my way onto the treadmill and after 10km didn't feel so bad about the ice cream or my funk I've been in lately. Anyone else feeling sort of blah and out of sorts this time of year or is it just me?