Thursday, August 5, 2010

Doctor Visit.

So my doctor is on vacation this week so I saw his sub, we are in a family group clinic where there are like 12 or 15 doctors so someone is always available even when your doctor isn't and I like that. The doctor was very nice and said that my thyroid is under active and the chemical in your brain that tells your thyroid to get off its butt and do its job is what is skyrocketing for me. Makes sense. So since I am starting to feel better (energy wise) they are holding off on drugs and sending me for more blood work next week. That will be one month after the first time. They will look more closely at the various horomones and chemicals involved with the thyroid and if things are still as high as they are now, my doctor will talk to me about options, but if they are heading back to normal we won't worry about it. The doctor also told me that I should remember this because when I get pregnant with baby number 2 this could come back and cause serious issues, so whenever they do pregnancy blood work from now on they will HAVE to check my thyroid just to be safe. I can live with that. So I am slowly on the mend and have an idea of what is up. Thank goodness!

I managed to drag my butt to kickboxing yesterday, FINALLY, and while I am starting to stiffen up I feel great. I kept having to miss it so finally going is awesome but I know I'm REALLY going to be feeling it tomorrow, ouchies, but most of that is in my core, chest and arms which don't get much of a workout when you're running on a treadmill. Tonight I'm hoping to get a nice 10k run in once my hubby gets home since the little lady didn't want to nap this afternoon. But that's okay she slept really well this morning during her nap and with the excitement of the doctor's office I'm not surprised she didn't want to sleep. And for super cuteness her is Lillian eating pasta.

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