Wednesday, August 18, 2010

A Hard Choice.

So today I made a hard choice. I've decided to give my dog away. She's great and so loving but the problem is that my baby is crawling and my dog thinks Lillian is a puppy. When Lillian crawls up to Pica to play they are okay for the first minute, and then when Lillian wants to leave and go elsewhere Pica uses her paw to hold Lilly down and pull her back which causes Lilly to pull away harder and fall on her face. In the last 24 hours my baby has smacked her head THREE times.  I can't handle the stress and fear that comes up when these two play together and since they can't be separated all the time I have made the hard choice to give my dog to a family who has the time to give her the attention she deserves. I also know that the amount of time I have will only get less and less when I go back to work, and then my husband goes back in January. My best friend/Lillian's Godmother is looking to see if she can take her but if not I'll find her a nice home with kids to play with.

So right now I am a bit sad but know that the choice I've made is for the best.

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  1. That's super tough, Alice. Sorry to hear about that, but it seems to be the best decision. You can't just lock your dog outside all the live long day with no contact.
    Hope you find a great home for him.