Sunday, August 8, 2010

Running a lot.

So I'm still pretty tired but that didn't stop me from running today and I even made my husband take apart a monster bookshelf we have and move it 4 inches to the right. Now before you start thinking I'm completely crazy, our bookshelf is about 12 feet long at least and needed to be screwed into the wall to keep it from falling over onto Lillian which means the wood frame needed to line up with the studs. So that meant removing the 200 plus books in order to shift it all over. But after 10:30pm it was all done and now my baby girl can't hurt herself with the books.

So far I'm on par for my running this month. I should be at 56km so far and I'm just under 58 so that rocks. I also have my nice long hill run coming up on Tuesday and my mom is coming up for another visit tomorrow. So we'll have a nice busy week but that's okay. We have a nice social life and hopefully my thyroid levels will level off soon because these mood swings really suck!

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  1. Wow - you're doing amazing with running... it's only the 9th and you're at almost 60km already.

    Good work Lady!