Friday, August 20, 2010

Scared for WI tomorrow.

I didn't weigh in today. Why? I forgot and part of me was probably a little scared. My mom is up and we're having an absolute blast. Thursday, we went out for lunch, had a late dinner, and chatted over a late night cheese and cracker plate with wine. So I am expecting the number to go up tomorrow. Wanna know a secret? My scale has not gone up in all of 2010, so I'm a bit bummed at the idea of it going up but it was so worth it. The memory of chatting with my mom will be around for a LONG time. Much longer than the weight from the cheese and wine, plus I don't really drink much and I love cheese and have missed it a lot lately so life will go on.

I also got some awesome new clothes today, again, and my new running bra is FINALLY at the store so I can pick it up tomorrow. So all around life it good. Will post about the WI tomorrow and hope everyone has a great night.

Results are in: 1.2lbs gain. :) So worth it!


  1. That is a great attitude to have. Nice memories with your mom will be worth a pound or so that you'll quickly shed again!

    What bra are you getting? I recently got turned onto the Moving Comfort Fiona (I am BUSTY) and love it! I paid 60$ for the first one at RR, but found one on Ebay (new LOL) for about 30$...cannot wait to get it since I am sick of always having to wash mine right after running.

  2. I also buy the Fiona. I have it in white and am getting it in black now. My white one is old and looking a bit sad. :)

  3. I just got a Fiona bra last weekend and will be testing it out tomorrow.

    Its too bad about your streak but spending time with family is a excellent alternative, I'm sure its just salt too, weigh yourself in 3 more days and I say its gone!