Friday, August 13, 2010

Success and a much needed rest!

So I weighed in today and SUCCESS! I am 149.2lbs which means I am finally in the 140s and leaving me with 7.8lbs to go until my major goal. I can't believe how close I am to hitting my goal. My first goal was actually 145 (the random number I pulled out of my head that I remembered from high school - it was the weight I was before I got my hips and boobs), then I made my goal 144 (a total loss of 25% of my body weight) and then I made it 142 (having me lose 50 lbs which is a lot easier for people to visualize than 25% of me). So now I have 7.8lbs left to go and honestly it is crazy for me to realize how little I actually weigh. I had a baby shower at my office this week (the one I was hosting for a good friend who happens to work with me) and a lot of the faculty members who I haven't seen in a while were there and they were SHOCKED by how much weight I'd lost, including my supervisor who I've kept missing since February. She had a baby boy in September and we just kept missing each other. She was back to her skinny old self in no time but I think she's just built that way. It felt great having all my colleagues see me and have such nice things to say about me, and a lot of them are runners (or former runners) and I got some great tips for my hill training.

Lillian making her dad's favourite face and me copying her.
Today I had planned to do a nice run but after getting some blood work done (remember I had to get some more for my thyroid to see if it is fixing itself or if it's still messed up) I didn't know if it was a good idea. I saw signs everywhere at the lab saying No Exercise and No Heavy Lifting for 24 hours after you have blood taken. At first I laughed it off, but my legs are a bit hollow from kickboxing on Wednesday and Steve and I plan to do the hill run on the weekend together, and I have run for 5 days in a row so I figured a day of rest was called for. And so I let lose my crazy running lady (for one day) and played with my I don't want to nap baby (40 minutes total today instead of her usual 4 hours) and we shared a bowl of Haagen dasz. I love my Haagen Dasz and since my weight watchers points reset today I figured it was worth using some of them to enjoy a nice half cup of ice cream and it was SO worth it. Yum! :)

So my weekend is going to be full of cleaning, helping my best friend put up some art work, going for a long 2+ hour hill run with my hubby while said best friend baby sits my monkey and whatever else we feel like doing. I'm glad I decided to stay home this weekend instead of driving for hours to visit my folks. I really needed a nice quiet weekend.


  1. Wow, wow, wow! You have done amazing!!! Congratulations Alice!

  2. Amazing and you are one hot momma!! Way to go you must be so proud!!!