Monday, August 23, 2010


Okay so I peeked today at my scale, and guess what? Sarah was right and the cheese weight is GONE! Yippee! Plus a little extra weight went along to keep it company which is very nice. I also managed to run 5km today and go to kickboxing! Woot woot! Today was defiantly my day. I'm feeling really good, especially since my extra little weight is gone. It's nice to be getting back on track again. My other big thing is I am starting to work on my first baby quilt too which I haven't done since before my daughter came into my life so it's really relaxing and something that I love doing. I figured that if I only have a month and a week before I go back to the office I should try to make the most of my leftover time.

So here's to having a blast with my girlfriends and their perfect little babies, and enjoying my fun crafting and running my tushie off! All around it's been a really happy day.


  1. Aww sounds like an awesome day, I miss these days when the babies were just that, still babies. They are still my babies but obviously different now.

  2. I keep telling myself that. Enjoy every moment I have with her now because in a few years I'd give anything to hold her in my arms for a few minutes again.