Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Clothes and Jewels and Shoes, Oh My!!

So this is my blog dedicated to my new wardrobe!

The first two shots are of my mommy clothes. I have several different coloured tops (like the peach one) and a few frilly skirts (like the brown one) in black, white and brown. The light green top is my vavoom top which I bought for my hubby. I only wear it out of the house with a sweater or cardigan on top or undershirt underneath it but at home I wear it alone and let my hubby enjoy what it shows off. The belt I'm wearing with it is my big one to wear with longer shirts and I LOVE it! Very bohemian and I got a pair of earrings that match it almost perfectly.

Here you can see my shoe collection! The brown, black, and grey heels I are old. Same with the grey flats. The rest are all new and I can't wait to wear my matching shoes. The red and grey flats will stay at home since I would rather save the red ones for fun nights out than with my work clothes. To the left, is my new cream jacket. I also managed to snag a wicked jeans jacket, and my mom had a really nice old white winter jacket that she hardly ever wore to go with my cool black puffy jacket that I got last winter but didn't fit me.
So combined with my multiple sets of knitted hats and scarves I made myself I will look pretty chic walking to and from the bus/office this fall/winter. And to the left is my jewelry hanger. I must admit that most of the necklaces are old but I didn't always wear them. This year I plan to wear one almost everyday and the matching earrings too!

Next you'll see a few of my sample outfits. I just grabbed a few of my pants at random and paired them up with a few of my cute tops. In reality I have more than double the amount of pants, and probably triple the number of tops. I love the brown cardigan to the left (Reitmans) and my awesome black jeans (Gap). I also managed to snag a few pairs of corduroy pants (brown and black) to keep me warm in the winter.
Lillian decided that she needed to be part of this photo shoot and crawled over to me. I love the cream pants I found (Tommy) because they are SOOO comfortable and the green shirt has a bit of a subtle pattern on it you can only see up close.
I also managed to get a few sophisticated blouses to go along with black slacks(both solid & pinstriped).
Finally I got a few simple long sleeved shirt like the green one to the left, and some really fun skirts. I'm proud that all of my long sleeved shirts are different. I worked really hard to try and be unique since my old way was a shirt that fit and looked decent on me and bought it in five colours instead of looking for a different shirt. This black skirt one is my favourite because it's a bit thick/snug on my tummy, so it hides things, and then gets really big and flippy on the bottom so it really flys when you spin!

Lastly you get a peek inside of my closet so please forgive the messiness. Everything from the blue polkadots on the far left to the cream coloured knitted shirt (by the green sweater and empty hangers) is work clothes. Everything on the right is home clothes. I'm pleased by how much colour there is now! As for my pants/skirts I have managed to buy them in pairs! I have a pair of black slacks, a pair of corduroys, a pair of cream, and then a pair of capri slacks, the black jeans and a few skirts. To the far right you can see my tights hanging up. I am very excited to be able to wear skirts in the winter with these thick tights.

I also got some new undergarments which I was in serious need of but there you have it! I have spent a small fortune to be able to go back to work in style by 75% of the clothes came from second hand stores and what was new was by gift cards or was purchased new because I won't buy it used (like bras). So I think I did pretty good and hopefully after I lose my final stupid 6lbs everything will still fit fine.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Cheese Muchies.

So I think my title says it all. I have been having the cheese munchies lately.  I keep eating my weight watchers wrap with melted cheese and I have no quams about it. This might be one of the reasons I have stalled on my weight loss a bit but I can handle this. I am going back to work on Friday and that means next week I will be crazy busy and have my eating routine back which will be good for me. I also have a nice 15km run planned for tomorrow (with my running friend so I can't miss it) and that will help me. Right now I'm happy that I have maintained for the last 6 weeks. And in the next few weeks there is so much going on what with a dinner party this weekend, my baby's first birthday bash, and thanksgiving all coming up in the next three weeks I will be happy not to gain. Sorry that this is so much of a rambly post but I do have a lot of things on my mind as of late and they come out a little bit scattered at times.

So thanks for all your kind and supportive comments. They really help make me feel that I am not going through this alone and give me a boost of confidence when I need it. I also plan to take some great photos of my new work clothes as I go to work so that I can post them and show them off to all my wonderful blog readers. Thanks for listening and helping me believe in me when I didn't.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Still feeling it.

My monkey working on this walking thing.
Okay so it's been a week since I did my half-marathon and honestly I'm still feeling it. I have done two small hill training runs this week (meaning I did my hill run that is 4.6km twice) and I can feel it in my legs when I'm running. Overall I'm feeling great, my legs work when I run, my lungs have no problems (even in today's cold weather) and I still have the half-marathon high. My husband can't believe it that my race was only last weekend. I enjoyed my four day rest period and now this week I'm going to kick things up a notch and then take my first day back at work off. I can't believe that I am going to be back at work on Friday. I am looking forward to going back to the office so I can show off the skinny new me and wear all my pretty new clothes but I'm going to miss my cuddle time with my baby. So now I'm trying to teach my hubby to do all the things that I do with her. And honestly he is doing a great job so that makes going back a lot easier, but she is so close to walking and I'm sad that she will likely walk while I'm at work and I'll miss it.

On a funny side my baby made me laugh so hard yesterday. Her little face was covered in chocolate and she managed to smear it all over her pants and shirt and then she crawled into the tipped over laundry basket and sat there looking at me, almost as if to say "I'm dirty and need to be washed." It was hilarious. It's moments like these that I am going to miss when I'm back at work!

Stay tuned for later this week when I publish a recipe for Mushroom, Bean and Barley soup we created this weekend and it is AMAZING!!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Run for the Grapes Half-Marathon Recap.

Me coming into the finish lane.

Changing my path to kiss Lillian
Okay so it's over and I am still so sore form it, but it was worth the pain. I pushed myself harder this race than ever before! My last 5km were faster than the first 5km and my last half km was my fasted pace ever putting me at a pace of 5:31. Needless to say I saw my baby at the end and I booted it. I even stopped just a few metres from the finish line to give her a kiss before I finished. I think next time my hubby will wait on the other side of the finish line. I don't care either way I just needed to hug my baby. It's true what they say about a half-marathon being very much mental as physical and at the end I needed to see my baby. I was tired, and sore and wanted to cry or give up but I knew my baby believed in me and was waiting for me and she kept me going.

Me crossing the finish line.
So here are my stats for finishing this race:
  • Fastest full km was 6:24 and it was km 21
  • Slowest non-stopping km (I stopped once to use the bathroom) was 7:19 and it was km 10
  • I ran the race in 2:30:48 according to the chip and my garmin
  • I ran it in 2:31:31 according to the clock
  • My average pace was 7:06 
  • I ranked 452/471 people running the half
  • I ranked 29/32 women aged 25-29
  • I ranked 214/229 women running the race
  • I improved my time by 18:09 from my last half in April
  • I only stopped/slowed down to drink water at the aid stations and to use the port-a-potty
So now that it's over I'm looking forward to may final race of 2010 which will be the Horror Hill Run in 38 days. I'm giving myself a few days off until I run again. Today is rest day number 2 of 4. I will run again Friday. Right now I'm going to enjoy my rest days since I pushed myself harder at the end of that race than I ever have before and it felt amazing, but my poor legs are paying for it today still.

Sunday, September 19, 2010


It's over. I did it. I ran my second half marathon in 2:30:48 which is 18:09 faster than my first half in April so that is awesome!

Larger post about the run and our trip tomorrow. Right now I need rest!

Saturday, September 18, 2010


Half-marathon is less than 19 hours.

Feeling super nervous but also excited. Time to head to St.Catharines with my baby and hubby.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Quickie post.

Weighed in today, and I am still 148.4lbs. That's 4 weeks in a row now. I won't complain though. With my thyroid issues right now I'm really just happy to not gain plus I've lost 45lbs this year I think my body is still catching up with that.

I'm less than 48 hours until my half and I am freaking sick AGAIN! How unfair is this? I was sick in April for my first race, and now for my second I'm freaking sick again. Different kind of cold but still SO annoyed!! Oh well, I'm going to run it and do my best and pump myself full of drugs again and then take next week off of running to heal and recoup and be all set for my 15km in October. Still mad.

Baby now has 4 teeth. Two on top have both broken through now so that is a good thing since it means she is going to be less cranky but makes me worry about possible biting. I think I may have to stop nursing when I go back to work in 9 days.

So overall I'm okay with not losing weight, really nervous for the race because of my cold, wanting to cry because of leaving my baby soon and my hubby has the afternoon off so I get some alone time to do some shopping while he practices being a stay at home dad. Wish him luck!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

5 days left.

Okay so my countdown continues and I have 5 days left until my half-marathon. I did a nice little speed run tonight, going 2.3 miles at 6.0 mph, 1.6 miles at 5.5 mph and 0.1 miles at 4.2mph which makes me feel good and proud. I'm feeling on top of the world since my friends are all encouraging me and wishing me luck but my nerves are still squeaking to me a little bit and that is making my tummy flutter a bit. But on a positive note Steve has agreed to go out for pasta with me for dinner on Saturday night which is great since it's such a good meal before running and we both LOVE Boston Pizza but usually can't deal with the crazy amount of calories in their food so I guess if running a half-marathon is what it takes to earn a Boston Pizza dinner and some other awesome lunch the next day I think it's worth it. So now I just realized I get to pick a restaurant for lunch on Sunday too! Oh how exciting!! :)

Monday, September 13, 2010

Let the countdown begin.

Okay so it's only 6 days until my half-marathon and I am totally freaking!! Yesterday I ran 14km and today I felt really drained until just a little while ago. I am nervous since I have to take a cab to the start of the race and will be running all alone. My hubby and baby will be waiting at the finish line for me (providing she cooperates and lets him get there at the same time) and I'm feeling bad because my friends were supposed to run with me and are not. But a little bit of fear is good for me and I know it will only make me stronger. I'm trying really hard to stay positive and be excited but I'm worried about not finishing it in the 3 hours time alloted. Last time I ran 21km I did so in 2:49 and now am hopeful to do it in 2:40 and when I ran yesterday I actually was faster than my pace I need to go in order to hit that time (and by faster I mean like 4 whole minutes faster) so I was rocking it!
Lillian helping me make pizza sauce.
Now I guess I just need to stay strong and focused and then next week I can stress out about why I can't lose any weight! :)

Friday, September 10, 2010


My two loves!
Stupid evil scale. At least it didn't go up. Oh well. Three weeks now I'm stuck in the same 0.2lbs keeping me at 148.2lbs. Though I really shouldn't complain. It took 8 months and 43.8lbs gone for me to hit a plateau so that is cool. I know it's probably from stressing out over having to go back to work in 20 days (where did this year go) and running my second half-marathon next weekend. I can deal with this no problem and will keep working at it. Once my half is over I'll work on speed training, as in short runs where I push harder than usual like I did the other day running 5km at 6mile/hr and shake my food up a bit. For the next 10 days though I want to stick with what I know since that is what works for me running.

Anywho just wanted to say grrrr at the scale, and now off to find some lunch. Lillian is teething, top left tooth broke through the gums last night so she's keeping me on my toes today.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Lots going on.

So as the title implies there is lots going on in my house lately. My dog is at a new family (another new family) for a week trial but since this one has a goldendoodle already I think this will work out. In running, I did the mini hill run yesterday with my hubby and my baby in her stroller and it felt awesome! I also did an amazing 5km run today where I did the whole time at 6 miles/hr which makes it the fastest run ever. Woot! I have also made my decision about the half-marathon and am going to do the Saint Catherine's Run for the grape. I figured things out with hubby so it'll work out. Now today I have to find and book a hotel, then the morning of I will take a taxi to the event so the baby can sleep in and then get up with her daddy and start her day as per usual and they will head down closer to the time when I will end the run. So my goal for said run is to finish it in 2:40 or less! That means I need to run 7.95km/hr or 7:33 per km. So I can set up my little garmin to let me know that I am rocking that pace and then I'll totally make my goal. So now I'm slowing down my running a bit, and have one long run (15-17km) left to go on Thursday or Friday and then a few nice 5-8km runs and I'm going to do my race.

So this is my goal and after that I have to focus on going back to work and getting my hill runs in before that run. Hope you're all doing well.

Saturday, September 4, 2010


So I'm feeling a bit confused today. I know I want to run a half-marathon in September, but I'm wondering if running in Toronto a week later (September 26th) might be better for our little family than running in St.Catherines on the 19th. Right now I can't find a hotel for the 19th race b/c there is a wine and food festival going on and that is where the race starts and ends. Though the one starts at 9:30am so we'd have time for my hubby to drive me there and drop me off and then go off with the baby while the other one starts are 7:30am so it would be really tight to go there and get it all done.

I want to register for my race by Monday so I really have to get off my butt and make up my mind. Earlier in the day, closer to the race, easier for my baby and hubby, more things to do on the Saturday beforehand. There are so many things to consider. I'll let you know what I decide!