Tuesday, September 14, 2010

5 days left.

Okay so my countdown continues and I have 5 days left until my half-marathon. I did a nice little speed run tonight, going 2.3 miles at 6.0 mph, 1.6 miles at 5.5 mph and 0.1 miles at 4.2mph which makes me feel good and proud. I'm feeling on top of the world since my friends are all encouraging me and wishing me luck but my nerves are still squeaking to me a little bit and that is making my tummy flutter a bit. But on a positive note Steve has agreed to go out for pasta with me for dinner on Saturday night which is great since it's such a good meal before running and we both LOVE Boston Pizza but usually can't deal with the crazy amount of calories in their food so I guess if running a half-marathon is what it takes to earn a Boston Pizza dinner and some other awesome lunch the next day I think it's worth it. So now I just realized I get to pick a restaurant for lunch on Sunday too! Oh how exciting!! :)

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