Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Clothes and Jewels and Shoes, Oh My!!

So this is my blog dedicated to my new wardrobe!

The first two shots are of my mommy clothes. I have several different coloured tops (like the peach one) and a few frilly skirts (like the brown one) in black, white and brown. The light green top is my vavoom top which I bought for my hubby. I only wear it out of the house with a sweater or cardigan on top or undershirt underneath it but at home I wear it alone and let my hubby enjoy what it shows off. The belt I'm wearing with it is my big one to wear with longer shirts and I LOVE it! Very bohemian and I got a pair of earrings that match it almost perfectly.

Here you can see my shoe collection! The brown, black, and grey heels I are old. Same with the grey flats. The rest are all new and I can't wait to wear my matching shoes. The red and grey flats will stay at home since I would rather save the red ones for fun nights out than with my work clothes. To the left, is my new cream jacket. I also managed to snag a wicked jeans jacket, and my mom had a really nice old white winter jacket that she hardly ever wore to go with my cool black puffy jacket that I got last winter but didn't fit me.
So combined with my multiple sets of knitted hats and scarves I made myself I will look pretty chic walking to and from the bus/office this fall/winter. And to the left is my jewelry hanger. I must admit that most of the necklaces are old but I didn't always wear them. This year I plan to wear one almost everyday and the matching earrings too!

Next you'll see a few of my sample outfits. I just grabbed a few of my pants at random and paired them up with a few of my cute tops. In reality I have more than double the amount of pants, and probably triple the number of tops. I love the brown cardigan to the left (Reitmans) and my awesome black jeans (Gap). I also managed to snag a few pairs of corduroy pants (brown and black) to keep me warm in the winter.
Lillian decided that she needed to be part of this photo shoot and crawled over to me. I love the cream pants I found (Tommy) because they are SOOO comfortable and the green shirt has a bit of a subtle pattern on it you can only see up close.
I also managed to get a few sophisticated blouses to go along with black slacks(both solid & pinstriped).
Finally I got a few simple long sleeved shirt like the green one to the left, and some really fun skirts. I'm proud that all of my long sleeved shirts are different. I worked really hard to try and be unique since my old way was a shirt that fit and looked decent on me and bought it in five colours instead of looking for a different shirt. This black skirt one is my favourite because it's a bit thick/snug on my tummy, so it hides things, and then gets really big and flippy on the bottom so it really flys when you spin!

Lastly you get a peek inside of my closet so please forgive the messiness. Everything from the blue polkadots on the far left to the cream coloured knitted shirt (by the green sweater and empty hangers) is work clothes. Everything on the right is home clothes. I'm pleased by how much colour there is now! As for my pants/skirts I have managed to buy them in pairs! I have a pair of black slacks, a pair of corduroys, a pair of cream, and then a pair of capri slacks, the black jeans and a few skirts. To the far right you can see my tights hanging up. I am very excited to be able to wear skirts in the winter with these thick tights.

I also got some new undergarments which I was in serious need of but there you have it! I have spent a small fortune to be able to go back to work in style by 75% of the clothes came from second hand stores and what was new was by gift cards or was purchased new because I won't buy it used (like bras). So I think I did pretty good and hopefully after I lose my final stupid 6lbs everything will still fit fine.


  1. What an awesome wardrobe!!
    You look smashing!!!

  2. Lookin' good Alice! I love your shoe collection!

  3. Great outfits! I love the dark purple shirt on you!