Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Run for the Grapes Half-Marathon Recap.

Me coming into the finish lane.

Changing my path to kiss Lillian
Okay so it's over and I am still so sore form it, but it was worth the pain. I pushed myself harder this race than ever before! My last 5km were faster than the first 5km and my last half km was my fasted pace ever putting me at a pace of 5:31. Needless to say I saw my baby at the end and I booted it. I even stopped just a few metres from the finish line to give her a kiss before I finished. I think next time my hubby will wait on the other side of the finish line. I don't care either way I just needed to hug my baby. It's true what they say about a half-marathon being very much mental as physical and at the end I needed to see my baby. I was tired, and sore and wanted to cry or give up but I knew my baby believed in me and was waiting for me and she kept me going.

Me crossing the finish line.
So here are my stats for finishing this race:
  • Fastest full km was 6:24 and it was km 21
  • Slowest non-stopping km (I stopped once to use the bathroom) was 7:19 and it was km 10
  • I ran the race in 2:30:48 according to the chip and my garmin
  • I ran it in 2:31:31 according to the clock
  • My average pace was 7:06 
  • I ranked 452/471 people running the half
  • I ranked 29/32 women aged 25-29
  • I ranked 214/229 women running the race
  • I improved my time by 18:09 from my last half in April
  • I only stopped/slowed down to drink water at the aid stations and to use the port-a-potty
So now that it's over I'm looking forward to may final race of 2010 which will be the Horror Hill Run in 38 days. I'm giving myself a few days off until I run again. Today is rest day number 2 of 4. I will run again Friday. Right now I'm going to enjoy my rest days since I pushed myself harder at the end of that race than I ever have before and it felt amazing, but my poor legs are paying for it today still.


  1. Wow - way to go Alice - I hope I can do this one day!

  2. Well done!! I did my first 10K on Sunday...and was thinking of you and wondering if I'll ever make it to a half!