Monday, September 13, 2010

Let the countdown begin.

Okay so it's only 6 days until my half-marathon and I am totally freaking!! Yesterday I ran 14km and today I felt really drained until just a little while ago. I am nervous since I have to take a cab to the start of the race and will be running all alone. My hubby and baby will be waiting at the finish line for me (providing she cooperates and lets him get there at the same time) and I'm feeling bad because my friends were supposed to run with me and are not. But a little bit of fear is good for me and I know it will only make me stronger. I'm trying really hard to stay positive and be excited but I'm worried about not finishing it in the 3 hours time alloted. Last time I ran 21km I did so in 2:49 and now am hopeful to do it in 2:40 and when I ran yesterday I actually was faster than my pace I need to go in order to hit that time (and by faster I mean like 4 whole minutes faster) so I was rocking it!
Lillian helping me make pizza sauce.
Now I guess I just need to stay strong and focused and then next week I can stress out about why I can't lose any weight! :)

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  1. No can so do it! You have proven it in the past. Speak those positive thoughts to yourself and I will be thinking of you!