Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Lots going on.

So as the title implies there is lots going on in my house lately. My dog is at a new family (another new family) for a week trial but since this one has a goldendoodle already I think this will work out. In running, I did the mini hill run yesterday with my hubby and my baby in her stroller and it felt awesome! I also did an amazing 5km run today where I did the whole time at 6 miles/hr which makes it the fastest run ever. Woot! I have also made my decision about the half-marathon and am going to do the Saint Catherine's Run for the grape. I figured things out with hubby so it'll work out. Now today I have to find and book a hotel, then the morning of I will take a taxi to the event so the baby can sleep in and then get up with her daddy and start her day as per usual and they will head down closer to the time when I will end the run. So my goal for said run is to finish it in 2:40 or less! That means I need to run 7.95km/hr or 7:33 per km. So I can set up my little garmin to let me know that I am rocking that pace and then I'll totally make my goal. So now I'm slowing down my running a bit, and have one long run (15-17km) left to go on Thursday or Friday and then a few nice 5-8km runs and I'm going to do my race.

So this is my goal and after that I have to focus on going back to work and getting my hill runs in before that run. Hope you're all doing well.

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  1. Your passion for running is truly amazing!
    I enjoy it but I can't say I love it like you do.