Friday, September 10, 2010


My two loves!
Stupid evil scale. At least it didn't go up. Oh well. Three weeks now I'm stuck in the same 0.2lbs keeping me at 148.2lbs. Though I really shouldn't complain. It took 8 months and 43.8lbs gone for me to hit a plateau so that is cool. I know it's probably from stressing out over having to go back to work in 20 days (where did this year go) and running my second half-marathon next weekend. I can deal with this no problem and will keep working at it. Once my half is over I'll work on speed training, as in short runs where I push harder than usual like I did the other day running 5km at 6mile/hr and shake my food up a bit. For the next 10 days though I want to stick with what I know since that is what works for me running.

Anywho just wanted to say grrrr at the scale, and now off to find some lunch. Lillian is teething, top left tooth broke through the gums last night so she's keeping me on my toes today.


  1. Grrr to the scale!
    You are so close to your goal!

  2. I think I'm the plateau queen, hang in there, it does suck to work this hard and not see results!