Saturday, October 30, 2010

Horror Hill Run Results.

 So I finished my Horror Hill Run today, and honestly it didn't go near as good as I had hoped and planned. I ended up coming in dead last (which means I had a police escort), but that's okay. I ran a 8:13/km pace, and my best is far faster than that. It took 2:03 for me to finish the race.

The four Hanovs.
I didn't feel so great last night, and then this morning I felt really sick. After my thyroid pill it got worse, and then I had to force myself to eat my oatmeal and my tummy was still upset. Then at the race it was very windy and cold, and my legs were NOT feeling it.

At the 2km mark heading to the horror hill. Alice, Steve, Lillian and Cecilia.
If my friend Cecilia hadn't been there I probably would have given up at the 5km mark and headed home. That's the part of the race that was 1.2km away from my house. But in the end I pushed on and now am over my fear of coming in last, and next year Steve had better watch out because I will kick his butt, next time. One funny thing was my police escort had to wait for me while I snuck into the bush to pee at the 9km mark.

In all honesty I had to take my run really easy. I could have pushed myself harder but wasn't allowed to. To the right is the group photo of when my mom brought Lillian to the race to take a photo. It's just past the 2km mark and as you can see there are 5 people in this photo, and it was the silly 5th person who made me have to run slow, and feel a nauseous and not be at my best. But that's okay, because these are the sacrifices you make when you're a mom.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Less than 48 hours!

The title says it all. Less than 48 hours to go. I will be running at 10am on Saturday morning.

Eikkkk! So excited. I promise to post a long blog entry on the weekend about my run and how everything went. Hope everyone is having a nice week.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Countdown Continues.

So now my last race of 2010 is only 4 days away. I am going to be running on Saturday at 10am and I can't wait. I'm super excited about it. My friend and I are going to plan our strategy for beating my hubby so I am excited for that. I don't know if I can actually manage to beat him but I'm sure going to try.

Today at work we had a retirement lunch for a few of our faculty members and it was great. I got to see a lot of people who I haven't seen since before I left on maternity leave and it was great. They couldn't believe how skinny I've become and that was a nice ego boost for me. I even managed to avoid dessert at lunch, since I knew I was going out for dinner for my girlfriend's birthday so I ate really light and well at lunch so I could enjoy my steak at dinner. YUM! I also had a baked potato which was yummy and Lillian feasted on fresh fruit, bread and jello of all things. :) My monkey loves the Jello. Such a funny baby.

In other fun news we are going to get a new car in early 2011. I love our Celica but Lillian's larger car seat is going to be really hard to work with in it, so we are hunting for the car that will allow us to upsize our family and car seats. Right now if we were to have another baby we couldn't get both into the car because you can't put a baby seat behind the driver, at least not if my husband needs to drive the car EVER. So new car hear we come. The photo above is of Lillian's new toy, called the toilet brush. She is also mesmerized by the flushing toilet.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

8 days to go.

Okay so now it's only 8 days until my 15km hill run. Eikkk! Feeling a bit nervous but I am going to rock it. I want to beat Steve but we'll see if my little legs manage that but having goals is always good even if you can't hit them on the first go!

That's all for today. Sorry my post is so short but I'm tired tonight!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Happy Birthday Lillian.

So Sunday was my little one's first birthday. We had a big party for her with all our family and some of our good friends and it went very well. Lillian didn't cry or freak out and she got some very cute new clothes and loads of fun toys. She was happy for most of the day, and she enjoyed the birthday cake and mushed it up really good. She was so cute and I am very happy with how it all turned out. Now she's a year old and becoming my big girl.

On a side note I managed to run home from work today for the first time ever which made me feel really proud of myself. I was a bit nervous since I didn't know what to expect or who hard the hills would be on foot but I'm glad that it went well. So now I'm planning my next run home again and looking forward to spending more time with my baby in the evenings. Hope you're all doing well.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Why the slacker?

So in case you haven't noticed I've been slacking as of late. There are several major reasons for it. The first being I'm back at work and trying to find a new balance is taking longer than expected. Mainly every minute from the second I get home until Lillian heads to bed is spent with her, and after that I really only have an hour or two to spend with the hubby and get ready for the next day. So it's not just you that I'm neglecting it's my running. That's right. A running blog with little running = BORING!

The next thing is that I have been kinda put on a temporary easy training. My thyroid is still an issue, and my doctor has put me on medication. It's not nearly as bad as before (meaning I'm on the border of okay) but the symptoms are still there and they are getting hard to deal with. The biggie is the nausea and feeling dizzy so my doctor wants me to scale things back while I adjust to things. I'm fine with that. I only have 11 days until my Horror Hill Run. Though I'm allowed to run it I just have to make sure I take it a bit easy and don't get over tired. My friend Cecilia will be running it with me so she'll make sure I finish in a good time but don't over do it. It's good to have friends like her.

Lastly, my weight has not moved so I'm taking a bit of a break. I'm switching to maintenence for a while to keep the pounds I've lost off and not feel bummed that it's not moving. I figure once I'm allowed to rock it again on the running I'll be able to pump it and get back to dropping the last 5lbs I have left to lose. Maybe I'll just wait until I have another baby to lose those pounds. I did it after Lillian so maybe I'll just have to wait for that. Here's hoping my next run lasts longer than 20 minutes.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


So today I realized that I only have 17 days until my Horror Hill Run. I'm both excited and nervous. I've been really tired lately so my runs haven't been the greatest and my doctor told me to take it easy with all the thyroid issues I've been having so that means I can't push myself as much as I normally would. But one thing of pride is that on the weekend my husband and I went running with Lillian in the stroller and I pushed her up our horror hill and he had to struggle to keep up with me! That was a real moment of pride. I'm also proud of our little monkey who now has 5 teeth with 3 more on the way in!

Saturday is going to be her birthday party so I am looking forward to it, and took the Friday off so I can prepare everything for the party and not stress out on Saturday am. We'll be having lasagna (already bought and in the freezer), cake (one ordered and one that I'll make), chips, veggies with dip and other such yummy goodies. We picked lasagna because Lillian loves it, same with the type of cake. So now I can't believe that my little one is already a whole year old! Guess it's time to start planning number 2! :)

Sunday, October 10, 2010

One week down.

Okay, so I survived my first week back at work, and honestly it wasn't all that bad. I enjoyed being around grownups and getting to talk about real things (not babbling back made up words to Lillian or singing all day). But now it's a long weekend here (Happy Thanksgiving) and I've been enjoying myself with my little one. We played with blocks, picked out Halloween pumpkins, ate turkey, made super yummy mushroom barley soup, and already got two runs in. Tomorrow we'll rest, get another run in and spend LOADS of time with my little one. I think all around it should be a fabulous day.

Next weekend is my little one's first birthday and we have a wonderful party planned. Now I'm trying to decide what to get her for her birthday. So far we have the Hungry, Hungry Catepillar and I think we'll get her a shirt too but I don't want to buy her very much since I want to wait until after her birthday to see what everyone else is getting her so that she doesn't get duplicates. So here are some pumpkin photos from our little trip today and I hope everyone has a nice turkey day. I know I have, and I especially have a lot to be thankful for this year.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Back at her.

Okay so it's the start of my first full week back at the office with my hubby staying home. I had planned to attend kickboxing tonight but the baby didn't want to nap this afternoon and so guess what she did 15 minutes after I go home, yup she went down for her nap. Now I'm sitting here hoping that she'll wake up so I can have some time with her before I leave at 7pm, and if she sleeps for a while I don't know if I can leave her again today.  I don't get all that much time with her in the evenings so if she sleep through a whole bunch of it I don't think I can leave. I'll want to stay and cuddle her and put her to bed. So now I don't know what to do with my evening since she was supposed to be awake and playing with me, and now she's sleeping.

This working mom thing is NOT easy!

Friday, October 1, 2010

Back to Reality.

Okay so I spent my first day back at the office today. All in all it went pretty good. I did sneak out 15 minutes early but I don't think anyone cared. I didn't get as much done in the settling in front as I had hoped but it will all be there Monday waiting for me. I didn't think about the fact that my co-advisor was in for her last day before maternity leave and we were in the same office for the day because of that and I didn't have my computer for a little over two hours which I wasn't planning on. But I got all my Lillian photos set up and my computer and chair are still there so I'll be fine. Next week is a 5 day week so it'll be a lot harder. So now I can look forward to my dinner party tomorrow and spending my weekend with my baby!

On the WI front, still no moving. Maybe next week will have the scale dropping a bit.