Monday, October 18, 2010

Why the slacker?

So in case you haven't noticed I've been slacking as of late. There are several major reasons for it. The first being I'm back at work and trying to find a new balance is taking longer than expected. Mainly every minute from the second I get home until Lillian heads to bed is spent with her, and after that I really only have an hour or two to spend with the hubby and get ready for the next day. So it's not just you that I'm neglecting it's my running. That's right. A running blog with little running = BORING!

The next thing is that I have been kinda put on a temporary easy training. My thyroid is still an issue, and my doctor has put me on medication. It's not nearly as bad as before (meaning I'm on the border of okay) but the symptoms are still there and they are getting hard to deal with. The biggie is the nausea and feeling dizzy so my doctor wants me to scale things back while I adjust to things. I'm fine with that. I only have 11 days until my Horror Hill Run. Though I'm allowed to run it I just have to make sure I take it a bit easy and don't get over tired. My friend Cecilia will be running it with me so she'll make sure I finish in a good time but don't over do it. It's good to have friends like her.

Lastly, my weight has not moved so I'm taking a bit of a break. I'm switching to maintenence for a while to keep the pounds I've lost off and not feel bummed that it's not moving. I figure once I'm allowed to rock it again on the running I'll be able to pump it and get back to dropping the last 5lbs I have left to lose. Maybe I'll just wait until I have another baby to lose those pounds. I did it after Lillian so maybe I'll just have to wait for that. Here's hoping my next run lasts longer than 20 minutes.

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  1. I did miss you but figured you were busy with work and baby!!! Being the GOOD Mommy that you are!
    You can't do it all...... but I look forward to reading here when you get the chance to post.

    That is terrible about your Thyroid, I hope it all settles down SOON! Take care of yourself!

    How did her party go?
    I love 1st Birthday Parties!

    Blessings to you and your family!