Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Figuring things out!

Lillian in the baking cupboard.
Daddy must not have been paying attention.
So now I'm spending the next week getting ready for our trip to see my Opa and trying to get through a CRAZY week at work. I know I'll make it but this week SUCKS so much and with my late hours I can pretty much kiss running goodbye until this weekend. I may be able to run on Thursday but otherwise I doubt it. My work right now is physical and mental so that really takes a lot out of me. I try to avoid wishing my life away but I make an exception for this week, especially since I haven't slept through the night since September.  I can handle a few bad nights but this is ridiculous! For those of you who didn't understand my "5th person" in the photo of why I sucked at my race, I found out at the start of October, that I'm pregnant again. I actually found out on my fourth day back at work and I'd always joked that I'd get pregnant right after going back to work, but we were still pleasantly surprised how quickly it happened. So because of my thyroid I have been ordered by my doctor to take it easy which is why I couldn't push myself in the race. But now I just want this baby to let me sleep! I feel so nauseous this time around and can't rest like I did with Lillian because I am busy chasing Lillian so I can't rest. But I know it's worth it! As long as this little monkey is as healthy and happy as my little girl I'll be good.

In a week or two I'll start posting some bump photos. Right now I'm at the "fat cow" stage where nothing normal really fits and nothing maternity does either. I want to hit 12 weeks so I can tell work and stop feeling like everyone thinks I'm fat! :)


  1. Congratulations Alice!!!! I am so happy for you and your family....another little blessing in everyone's life!!!

    To bad that you are feeling so yucky though hopefully when you hit the 12 week mark that will go away.

    I am bet, and I am not a betting kind of a lady, that you don't look fat at all...we are so hard on yourselves!

    Take care of yourself!!!