Saturday, November 27, 2010

Look, look, look! I ran!

I shouldn't be so excited about a little 5km treadmill run but boy I am!! I haven't run in almost a month. While on vacation I did a LOT of walking, some days over 2 hours, but no running. I found it hard to do the 15km race while pregnant because of how tired I am but with Lillian I started to feel better between 12 and 14 weeks so I figured I'd wait until I hit the 12 week mark (which I did this week) and then get back into the habit, and I started it today with a 5km run on my treadmill. I took it easy on my run, which my doctor asked me to do, so I only went 4.5 miles/hr instead of my 5.5 but I still felt good and am happy. I am also glad that I ran on my treadmill since I had to pee in my little run which means if I was outside it would have sucked!

12 weeks along. Much larger already than with Lillian but that's okay.


  1. Good job on being motivated to run!!!!

    Are you sure there is only one little one in that tummy?!?!?!?

  2. Only one heartbeat when we went last week. :)

  3. Good for you on getting your run in!! A run at a slower pace is better than no run at all.