Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Horrible Pregnancy Experience.

Okay at the riskof possibly giving too much information, I had the WORST pregnancy experience today. I was taking all my vitamins, halfway through dinner like I always do, and my folic acid pill got stuck in the back of my throat. It's one of those dry, chaulky pills, and it STUCK. So long story short, I ended up losing most of my dinner due to it, and no I didn't make it to the bathroom. So now my throat is killing me, and I can still feel the chalky gunk stuck in my throat. Plus there goes my plan to run a bit this evening. Now all I want to do is hide in my bed. Boo-erns!

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  1. awww that really does sound horrible. I hope you feel better and get some much needed rest.
    by the way- i was happy to hear about your news. I hadn't been following all my blogs lately and just found out about your news !!! Congratulations! (feels as though I know you personally even though i only know you through the bloggy world!!)