Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Meanie Peanie Husband.

Okay if you don't want to read about me complaining about my hubby then you should stop reading right now. Nope, still interested, okay then.

So I'll start by admitting that honestly my hubby is pretty much a saint. Yes he drives me NUTS sometimes but the man has the patience of Ghandi, which is good because otherwise I would be a single mother now. And I admit I am not always the easiest to live with, especially now that my horromones are bouncing off the wall, but today I feel unfairly slighted. I had a baby play date today with my girlfriends so I was gone from 7:30am until 5:30pm, so I figured my hubby would want to spend time with me once I was home, that was my first misassumptions. Though why on earth he told me he was lonely today if he didn't want to be around me I don't know.

So anyway back story, even though he's off on unpaid parental leave right now our money situation is okay. We are okay because we track and watch our money and don't waste it on things we don't need. That being said, since losing weight I have bought barely any new clothes. This also includes new maternity clothes. While most maternity clothes are equal, everything I have is an XL and I'm not a M so the pants look like a 9 month pregnant me would fit into them, maybe, and little 3 1/2 month pregnant me has NOTHING that actually fits me properly. So I bare the pain of pulling my pants up every 5 minutes and have bought like 2 pairs of pants at value village to keep me from going crazy. So while at my girlfriend's house today I mention jokingly how nothing fits and I've been wearing the same pants for three days because they are the only ones that fit right. My mommy friend only has 2 jeans she wears at home so she made me feel better, but my other friend disappears and comes back into the room with 2 huge totes of .... wait for it ... her maternity pants! While she's taller than me all her stuff pretty much is an M so most of it FITS ME! She loaded me up with all her nice clothes and told me to just sent them back next year when she's pregnant again. I could have cried for joy! I have a larger wardrobe now than when I was heavy and had everything from a 12-18 in my closet!

So I come home super excited and my hubby brings the HUGE boxes upstairs for me. He helped me to remove my non-pregnancy clothes and then I asked him to help me hang the new clothes. I thought it would be fun, since they are free and we didn't see each other all day. I don't know if he just couldn't care less about how excited I was or if he got mad that I had him pack up 15 of his 60 t-shirts because I needed the hangers (mind you he only wears the same 10 anyway) but he got really cranky about it and didn't want to help and that made me sad. I hadn't seen him all day, I'm so excited about the clothes and he's just being a huge stick in the mud. So I told him he could just go. He claims I didn't appreciate him helping but I've told him ten times tonight how much I appreciate him and he NEVER tells me how much he appreciates me having this second baby and that I am gaining back ALL the weight I works all year to lose. But I digress. So he missed out on my trying the new stuff on and getting all excited picking my outfit out for tomorrow. I have never had so many clothes and I just can't believe my luck. I was expecting to spend the remaining 6 months waiting to fit into my 5 pairs of pants and alternating my 7 shirts, but now I have + 25 shirts and like 10 pants/skirts.

So I'm so happy, I just wish he could have been less annoyed at helping me and maybe joined in my excited a little more. Maybe if I told him the value of the clothes had we bought them all new would be over $1,000 he would have been more enthused. Oh well. I love him very much, but some days he seems to want to rain on my parade.

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  1. Eh, men are like that. My husband would be the exact same. I'd be all excited, and he will grudgingly help me...probably while looking at me like I am an idiot for being so excited about clothes, and used clothes at that! Glad you got some new stuff that fits, that is awesome!