Thursday, December 30, 2010

Missing in Action

So I've been missing for a few days and that is because we have been hunting for a new car. We need a mom mobile to take our soon to be two kidies around and we have found ourselves a nice used 2007 Toyota Matrix, so our Toyota Celica will have some nice company. We visited four different dealerships, test drove a bunch of cars, and then ended up at the dealer we got our Celica from and found our happy compromise car. We would have loved a prius or something more sporty but we like fuel economy and I love the plastic trunk and the leftover money that will buy us snow tires too.

So I'll post some photos when I can, but I also finished my baby's room so I can take photos of that in the sunlight tomorrow and you can see how wonderful her room looks. Now she has a slight fever tonight so hopefully she'll be back to her good old self tomorrow and we can enjoy our weekend at home.

Have a great day! Oh an no running yet this week so let's hope for tomorrow when I won't be spending hours at car dealerships.

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