Sunday, January 30, 2011

Feeling Inspired

So today was a busy busy day but I got so much done I feel inspirted. I got my 3rd run for this week in and it was the longest one yet, so that makes me feel great. For the last 4 weeks I've managed to run three times a week so now I feel like this is a habit again, meaning some days I run and love it, others I do it because I have to, but I still do it!!

I also managed to do a lot of things today that I wanted to. Some of them are normal mommy / house things like laundry, and tidying but others are helping make some costumes for the theatre group my hubby and I met in eight years ago, and I made awesome falafels! I found a great recipe on one of the blogs I read called Veggie by Season. The woman who writes it is called Ashlee and a lot of her stuff looks and sounds amazing but I have made Falafels before and they sucked, big time, but these were AMAZING and baked not fried. Even my hubby who is on weight watchers had some and he loved them too! So now I'm excited and have already whipped up another batch to bake tomorrow.

My husband is already running again, three times a week too, and is preparing to run the Waterloo Half-marathon again in May. I'm proud that he's going to run another race all on his own this time, since I did it in September in St.Catherines. Now I'm helping him prepare for his race and am feeling like a million bucks because of how much I managed to accomplish today. So even if I'm tired tonight I did so much that it was worth it!

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