Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Okay so first I complain that running sucks. Then I love it again, and now I can't run. I hurt my back Monday morning and have a big ouchie. Luckily I managed to get in to see my doctor tomorrow so I can ask him if I'm still allowed to jog/walk while I heal or if he thinks I should be taking it easy.

So I'm sad I can't run at this moment but right now I'm going to focus on getting my back working again. I can't bend properly and I get stiff if I have to sit a long time but I can still move around and am not in as much pain as last time, despite not being able to take anything. So thank goodness for that!

Hope everyone is feeling great and doing well!

Wednesday Update: My doctor says I can keep jogging with my sore back! I'm one of the lucky ones where exercise and movement make my back feel better, while sitting or laying down too long makes it seize up and hurt more! Go exercise! :)

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