Monday, January 24, 2011

Quick update.

Okay so I did manage my three runs last week which makes me happy and today marked the end of the crazy part of the term so hopefully things will be less crazy for me the next few weeks. Our family is very excited about having another girl join the family. My father-in-law said he thought it was a girl because they come in sets (my husband has a brother, I had a sister, etc...) and my father's side is thrilled with the 4th granddaughter (makes the toys and clothes super easy) and my mother, well she's the mother of two daughters so she is just thrilled! I still have a few coworkers who think it's a boy pretending to be a girl, and if that is the case I will love him for his sneakiness and the fact that he's like me.

So now I am looking forward to some less crazy work time, and because my cleaning lady came today I could actually rest since my house was spotless. I only have her come once a month, but I love it. My husband works long and odd hours at times doing his programming thing (like is a serious issue comes up or a deadline approaches he can't always leave on time) so this is our way of helping me when he can't. So I hope everyone had a nice weekend and I promise to write more another night when it isn't 11pm!

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