Friday, January 14, 2011

Sharing some love.

Okay so for all the complaining I do about my hubby I thought I'd spend a day writing about how wonderful he is, because he really is. Not only is he a handsome husband, a wonderful father, very supportive of my dreams, and just an all around wonderful guy. He also happens to be really smart, I consider him a total tech genius. He even writes a blog about it ( He gets calls from major tech companies (think Google, Facebook, Amazon, etc...) who send head hunters to try and steal him but he's happy where he is.

The other amazing thing is that he goes to work at a job that isn't always his favourite and I know that he wants to work for himself one day but he knows with a wife and baby girl and another little baby on the way he has responsibilities and makes sure to take care of all of us. I love knowing that I won't have to worry about being taken care of while on maternity leave and about having a great man who will always be there for our children when they need him.

So he puts up with my cranky mood swings, lets me get my own way (95% of the time), takes care of my baby, makes me a better woman by letting me be me, and is just so wonderful, even if he leaves his socks on the floor some times.

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