Monday, January 17, 2011

Still star struck!

Okay so my husband is, in my opinion, a total genius and rather well known for what he does, on the internet. He writes a tech blog (, works for a big tech company in town here and does his own thing on the side too. The reason for my bragging about him in this case is that it's kind of become normal in my house for head hunters from major tech companies and call trying to get him to move to them. We've gotten calls from Google, Amazon and Facebook, which is why I find him to be a total smartie pants. So I got very excited the other day when I had a "Steve moment" of my very own!! I wrote a blog a few days ago about how I'm running and loving it right now, and noting about how inspiring the book that I'm reading right now is (Run like a Mother) and do you know what happened?? One of the authors of the book commented on my blog!! Eikkkk! I couldn't believe it!! I'm still giddy from it!! So that inspired me to keep myself going, and now I'm waiting for my fabulous t-shirts from the store and they are just awesome!!

For anyone who could use a good laugh I highly recommend reading the blog post on Run Like a Mother today. It's about Costco and if you've ever been or are a regular it will have you laughing your butt off! I know it made me crack up!

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