Monday, February 28, 2011

Cutie updates!

Okay so here are some updates of my monkey! Later this week I'm going to write a rant about stuff.

Photo 1! Lillian has started to play with her tongue. I have no idea why but it's funny. She sticks her fingers in her mouth and tugs on the tongue. It makes me laugh and she's funny.

Photos 2! Lillian is going after Steve's computer. She's almost tall enough to reach the computer. As soon as she does he's in trouble.

Photo 3! Lillian playing with her corn popper. I wanted to buy her one and Steve suggested we wait ( we were at Zellers and heading to value village later on that day) and when we got there they had the corn popper, the plastic piano, and more fridge letters all for less than the corn popper would have been new. And the used one still had the original tag on it.

Photo 4! This sexy photo is the sight I get to look at every time it's my hubby's turn to do the dishes. When I'm having a hard day I have to remember that I have this handsome man who loves me and is always ready to do what he can to make my day better. He makes me feel blessed and does what he can to help me and show me he loves me. Plus he's really nice to look at which doesn't hurt. :)

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