Monday, February 21, 2011

Go Me!

Look to the side at my little widget. Yes that's right, I managed to run today despite being a bit hormonal and having a sore back. I managed to even go further than 5km today. Woot! So I got to run despite feeling tired and a bit out of sorts. At the end of the run I stopped because I was starting to stand on the side rails more than I was actually running so I figured it was time to stop. But the point is I did run! So now I burned off some of the calories that I ate in muffins. Mmmmmmm muffins!

24 weeks 4 days pregnant.
Okay so now I am starting to think of baby names for my little monkey to be and I think my hubby and I have settled on one. We have picked Katrina for the first name and Elke for the middle name. Elke is my mother's name, since Lillian has my mother-in-law's name for a middle name I thought we should use my mother's name this time. My mother was flattered by that, and the first name my hubby picked. It's German meaning "pure" so I thought that was nice since I'm German. So now I can talk to my baby and call her by her name. We also have the boy name just in case. We were told this one is a girl too but I was supposed to be a boy, and I am the second born so I thought we should have a boy name just in case this baby pulls and Alice and comes out the other gender. 


  1. You look beautiful and you are doing SO WELL with your running!

    I am so impressed by all that you do.

  2. Congratulation ....God Bless u and baby..thanks for nice sharing

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