Sunday, February 20, 2011

Making the Weekend Worth it.

So here in Ontario tomorrow is Family day and I've been making the most out of my weekend. For starters my mom and step-father came up to visit with us and had a lot of fun with Lillian, they even babysat while we went out to dinner last night on a little date. I really enjoyed having a meal out with my husband where I got to eat hot food, have adult conversation and dress pretty. It was a great time. Then today I baked up a storm and then went out for dinner with the family at a local restaurant and enjoyed a meal with everyone and Lillian tried her first slice of Coconut Cream Pie and she was so cute getting herself covered in pie.

Tomorrow my hope is to get a run in and make sure there is time for my husband to get his run in also. I also have to make falafels for my work potluck this week and try to find some time for me to quilt a bit all in one day. The past few days have been great but also really hard on me. My weight is sky rocketing this pregnancy and I'm starting to feel it a lot. I look at myself and it's all in my bust, belly and butt, so I'm thankful for that, but it's becoming a lot to carry around. I want to keep running as long as possible but part of me is worrying that I won't have the energy soon.

I got a great comment from one of my readers joking that I will be running when I give birth so that has been feeling pumped and wanting to keep running. I find in the evening I'm lucky if I have 50% of my energy left when I get home so trying to run this week after my baby goes to work will be a challenge but I'm up for it and am going to do as much as I can! Let's see how far I will be able to take this running thing. Wish me luck, because I'm going to need it!

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  1. Enjoy Family Day!!!

    You have done well to be running at this point in our proud Alice!!