Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Best of intentions.

I wanted to run tonight but as per usual my hubby neglected to update me on what time he was going to be home. He said he'd be home around 7:15pm so I figured he'd run first and then I could run after him, but he didn't show up until almost 8pm. So I love my husband with all my heart, but sometimes his blatant disregard of my time is a bit annoying. I wish that he would have called me to let me know since I had energy around 7pm and could have jumped on at 7:15pm and gotten a little walk in.

I love him very much but would like him to think of someone other than himself a bit. Maybe if I just show up 45 minutes late for our lunch date tomorrow he'll learn how much it sucks to be left out of the loop and forgotten about. I doubt I'll actually do that since I get really hungry and eating late is not my idea of fun. At least I have a day off tomorrow so I am hoping to get a run in some time between dropping Lillian off at daycare and having lunch with my hubby. So I can do my run and then decide to just show up for lunch when I feel like it. Muhahaha that'll show him.

I'm bad I know.

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