Sunday, March 6, 2011

Crazy Hormones.

Okay, so I think the title says it all. My hormones are all wonky today and all I want to do is cry. I lost it on my husband today and yelled and cried all at the same time because our kitchen was a mess and it only got worse when I came back from running errands with the baby. So later to try to figure out some of our cleaning issues I reorganized the tea cupboard, and yes we have a tea cupboard because of how much tea we have, cleaned the whole kitchen and moved around our parrot stuff so we could give Lillian more space to store her play stuff. I figure the living room is where she plays over 80% of her play time so she needs enough space for her toys. So by moving our parrot's toys into a pretty box onto a shelf and her seeds into the laundry room (where 40lbs bags belong) we got a huge cupboard of space for her large toys and books! So that means if my husband is really busy he can just scoop the toys and throw them in her boxes and the cupboard in no time! I know he's crazy busy all week and I want him to be able to do his chores as fast and efficient as possible. So I'm a little sad that I only got 2 runs in this week, but both were Random hill runs and I did a lot of socializing with girlfriends so I think it was a fair compromise. Below is a photo of my funny monkey with I have no idea what on her shirt that makes me smile. Hope your day was less hormonal than mine!


  1. Pregnancy hormones are so fun, huh? I've hit a wall of "reorganizing everything in our house or life just won't be okay". I believe it is an early and extreme case of nesting! Your babe is too cute, love the picture!!!

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